Original Content Drives Business and Social Media Growth

Original Content Drives Business and Social Media Growth
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We’ll be the first to admit: creating original content requires an investment of time, money, and/or energy. Blog posts don’t write themselves, and compelling podcasts, graphic designs, and vlogs don’t exactly grow on trees, either.

With virtually infinite examples of high-quality content out there just waiting to be curated and reshared, you may find yourself wondering if creating original content is really worth an investment of your resources. Wouldn’t your social media marketing efforts be just as effective if you used them to syndicate cool posts from reputable sources?

Original content creation is central to our marketing philosophy here at Scotch & Ramen, and we believe that its merits are especially evident in the realm of social media. Here are just a few factors that make original content the most effective form of social media marketing:

Tailor a Message to Your Target Audience

Regardless of how well-written that New York Times article you read last Sunday might have been, the fact remains that such content was written to inform a worldwide audience. Don’t you think your B2B SaaS business targeting 30 to 40 year old solopreneurs on the west coast could craft a more relevant message? Of course you could! And doing so will help your message resonate better with the people who will one day become your customers.

Direct Traffic to Your Website

Even if that hypothetical New York Times article did speak directly to your target audience, sharing it would only end up directing them to NyTimes.com. (Unlikely to convert, unless you have some crazy good connections!) Sharing content from your own website makes you far more likely to gain the web traffic, email subscribers, and potential customers that you need to succeed.

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Demonstrate True Authority

Your online visitors are smart enough to realize that writing an informative article requires a lot more skill and expertise than sharing an informative article. They are also a lot more likely to connect with someone who humanizes themselves by filming a video or recording a podcast than they are with someone who copy/pastes a YouTube URL, regardless of how good that YouTube video may have been. In short, original content portrays a level of authority that curated content simply can’t compete with.

Build Context for Other Marketing Campaigns

As we discussed in yesterday’s Scotch and Ramen blog post on cold emailing, even small doses of brand awareness and context can help make other forms of outreach more effective. (Turns out that selling to someone who reads your blog every now and then is a lot easier than selling to someone who has never heard of you!)

Want to learn more about our strategies for building authority and developing the right context in which to close deals? Schedule a call with Scotch and Ramen — we’d love to hear from you!

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