On-Page for Casino Affiliate Site: 5 Main Features

Online casinos have been around for almost as long as the internet itself. It has slowly been gaining traction, increasing usability, compatibility, adding more payment methods. Now, casinos are bringing the land-based experience into the comfort of the player’s homes. 

One thing is certain: online casinos are popular. With so many different sites and casinos to choose from, how do players know which one to play? In a competitive field, casinos resort to new and improved digital marketing strategies to recruit more users. That’s where casino affiliate and SEO comes into play.

Here is how casino affiliate websites can reach their full potential with the proper use of on-page strategies. These features do not vary too much from methods but can be beneficial for prospective betters looking for the next best casino to play. But first, let’s do a quick rundown on what a casino affiliate is.  

What are Casino Affiliate Websites?

A casino affiliate works by partnering with and advertising for online casinos. The commission is earned from casino visitors or a deposit through their custom affiliate link. 

How can you tell casinos affiliates from regular casinos? Casinos have game collections displayed and allow players to register, make a deposit, and begin playing with real money. Affiliate websites do not carry casino games. Instead, they provide online casino game reviews and can offer free play demos for players to test out the game before clicking the affiliate link.

Now, to gain viewers and clicks, smart digital marketing comes into play. Here is how casino affiliate marketing can attract prospective players with on-page SEO strategies. 

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E.A.T.)

Accurate and trustworthy content is what Google looks for when assessing content. Google wants to promote premium content by rewarding quality content with higher rankings and visibility.

Websites can use all the selling points, but it will mean nothing if it does not have the expertise or reliable information. Not only does the content have to be written with both the search engine and the reader in mind – all the information provided has to be 100% correct. Their decision to play depends on details, such as the Return-to-Player rate and available payment methods. 

The standards are based on Google’s Quality Rater guidelines. Here is how Google measures the authority of your website.


It requires either you (or the team that you hire) to be an expert in the field. Not only do you need professionals behind your content, but you also have to be a trusted source for other websites. 


When evaluating the website itself, Google guidelines state that you must be clear on who you are, what you do, as well as contact information. From your About page, down to your terms and conditions, everything has to be legible and easily accessible. Don’t leave anything out!

Headlines and Image Optimization

Images are an easy and effective way to make any web page more appealing. If misused, images can also work against you  – some can even slow down your website, especially for casino-related pages. The website may be about casinos, but it doesn’t have to be as flashy or crowded as one. 

Casino affiliate websites that use proper image optimization have many advantages. Perks include ranking opportunities, positive user experience, and faster loading times. Images shouldn’t be distracting. They should complement the layout without overwhelming the content or navigation. 

To strengthen the message of your articles with search engine spiders and improve the accessibility of your website, incorporate ALT attributes to your images. Alt text describes what’s on the image and its purpose. ALT tags are for browsers used by blind and visually impaired people. Not only is it more inclusive, Google places high value on descriptive ALT text.  

Another way to boost your website’s performance in the search and stand out from the rest is to write compelling headlines. Websites are ranked according to their Click Through Rate (CTR). Encourage prospective players to click on your ad over others through your best use of titles and descriptions. 

For casinos, an easy way to stand out is tasteful use of visually captivating elements such as clickbait headlines, emojis, or simple exclamation marks. Use your first impression to display any special offers or promises your casino will fulfill upon signup. 

Title Tag and Meta Description

Since the beginning of SEO, title tags and meta descriptions have been an important optimization point. They allow websites to showcase a snippet of what they are about or what they’ll cover. With casino affiliates, it is essential that they have a small summary of the casino, including any special deals, bonuses, or sign up offers that the player can claim with them. 

Many believe that meta descriptions don’t help with rankings. However, there is proof that it is an indirect but effective way to achieve results. Optimizing meta descriptions can help boost clicks rate with call-to-actions and improve the quality and presentation of your website’s results.

Keyword is Key

The top  factor that contributes to organic traffic growth is keyword research. Low-competition, high-quality keywords are the building blocks of success for your content, SEO, link building, and on-page optimisation. 

Do your research and make the best use of tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and Keywords Everywhere to increase your websites ranking power. 

Content Audit

One common mistake made in online casino marketing strategies is not evaluating the current content. Auditing existing content in a casino affiliate website has two main priorities: evaluating user experience (UX) and auditing internal links. Internal links, the connection between pages, is revised to make sure it’s not hampering with your site’s performance. 

Also, the gaming industry is always updating and evolving. That’s why content audits help keep the information accurate and give content creators a chance to remove anything outdated. Keep up with the world of online casinos by integrating content audits to your on-page SEO strategy.

Online casino affiliate is a profitable and straightforward venture for many content creators. Effective on-page techniques will bring in more traffic and generate affiliate results.


Many professionals are specialized in digital marketing for the online casino world. Take Alex Lysak, an iGaming expert from Scanteam, for example. He optimizes the organic traffic and performance of iGame-related companies through in-depth marketing research, content creation, and link building strategies.


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