Marketing Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity for small businesses to boost sales this spring. Everyone loves celebrating a fun holiday that encourages festivities, good food, and drinking, so capitalize on the excitement with these St. Patty’s Day marketing ideas for small businesses

How Businesses Can Leverage the Luck of the Irish

All small business owners know that from time to time, things can get pretty slow as far as business is concerned. From stagnant inventory left sitting on shelves to cash registers that haven’t been opened in days, the life of a small business owner is no walk in the park. 

That’s why it’s important to pounce on every opportunity given to you as a small business owner. Changes in the market, a good review on Yelp, and random holidays are all examples of opportunities to boost sales a bit in your business. 

Since we’re closing in on St. Patrick’s Day, Coupon Chief decided to put together an infographic of different ways small businesses can promote their services and products –– try them out yourself; maybe you’ll get lucky! 

St. Patrick’s Day Means Big Spending for Celebrators

Plenty of Americans go all-out on St. Patrick’s Day, shelling out cash to dress in green, grab a pint with their buddies, and spend the day relaxing and eating together. 

Whether your small business focuses on baking tasty treats, delivering end-to-end SEO services from your home office, or offering customized personal training programs, these six statistics should kick your creative mind into high gear when it comes to figuring out how to leverage consumer spending on St. Patrick’s Day.  

  1. $5.6 billion –– total planned spending in the U.S for St. Patrick’s Day 
  2. $40 –– the average amount spent per person on St. Patrick’s Day
  3. 13 million –– glasses of Guinness sold around the world on St. Patrick’s Day 
  4. 152.5 per cent –– more beer sold than normal on St. Patrick’s Day
  5. 72 per cent –– the percentage of adults ages 18–34 who plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  6. 30 per cent –– the percentage of adults who plan to eat a special meal on St. Patrick’s Day

How to Market Your Small Business on St. Patrick’s Day

From social media tactics to throwing a party with your fellow small business owners, these ideas will help you boost sales and build up a base of loyal customers along the way. 

Schedule social media posts to build excitement 

Are you part of the 91 per cent of retail businesses who use social media? If not, you should be. This simple outlet is prime real estate when it comes to drumming up chatter about your small business. 

For your St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaign, use social media to get your customers excited about the festivities and special offers you’ll be doling out on March 17. Try a daily content post on Instagram, a trivia session on Facebook, and mischievous leprechaun posts on Twitter to get your audience talking. 

Get hacked by a leprechaun 

Speaking of leprechauns, social media takeovers are another great way to create excitement among followers. Designate a creative employee to act as the leprechaun, posting silly tweets, pictures, and videos in the days before St. Patrick’s Day. This will be an especially effective tactic for small business owners who cater to the kids and family market! 

Hand out special discounts 

For the 81 per cent of Americans who wear green on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day is serious business. Jump on this majority with a green-only discount! As customers enter your shop on St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to hand out small discounts or other prizes to those wearing green. This will build up brand loyalty and potentially create a buzz on social media as well! 

For more great marketing ideas to try on St. Patty’s Day, check out the infographic below.

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