Is CityLocal Pro Legit?

Is CityLocal Pro Legit?

In the past, there used to be a hefty Yellow Pages directory with names, addresses, and phone numbers of registered businesses in the city. There were all kinds of activities going on, and customers often had to face trouble in contacting or hiring a service provider for the problem at hand.

With the advent of the internet, hard copies fell out of existence. Many were rebranded and made a comeback in virtual form, along with new and more savvy players. Now, local business directories are one of the most visited websites because of their utility. Out of these players is CityLocal Pro. Since its inception, it has covered tremendous ground and has become one of the leading local business directories across the nation.

However, there are some things that often poke new users, and we are here to dig a little deeper and find out what it is all about. Simply put, we are going to see if CityLocal Pro is legit, or not!

What Is CityLocal Pro?

CityLocal Pro is a local business listings website that acts as a bridge to connect sellers with buyers. In other words, it is an interactive community where potential customers can explore various service- and goods-providers, go through their profiles, and choose the best one for their needs.

It has immense coverage of businesses from around the US that helps, virtually the whole country, to find all sorts of companies. It includes roofers, flooring companies, doctors, carpenters, etc.

Intuitive Website

CityLocal Pro has a no-nonsense website with a clean and minimal aesthetic. Anyone looking for a service provider can browse through popular categories, state-wise, recent feedback, etc. Or he is not into that, there are all the categories and a search bar to look at on your own. All in all, the website is easy to navigate and intuitive enough that you can find what you are looking for with absolutely no trouble at all.

Top Pro’s Pages

Since it is a platform for businesses to showcase their best work so that prospects can hire them on that basis, there is no shortage of world-class companies in every category. The editorial team combs through the main database and find the company’s excellent ground track record and feedback and offer them a place on their Top Pro’s Pages. These handpicked companies are showcased exclusively and above all the other companies for the convenience of consumers while providing prospects to the company.

Users Of CityLocal Pro

Users of CityLocal Pro are divided into two categories;

  • Sellers – businesses and companies with services and goods to offer
  • Buyers – individuals and commercial entities looking to buy goods or to hire services.

In the middle, CityLocal Pro is the proverbial invisible hand that connects one with the other.

How Sellers Use CityLocal Pro

  • They showcase their best work to entice new clients into buying their services.
  • They talk through interactive sections to sort out the details.
  • They use feedback as an advantage to strengthen their position as a seller on the platform.
  • They respond to the feedback from their former clients by replying to their comments, reviews, ratings, polls, etc.

How Buyers Use CityLocal Pro

  • They can explore different sellers from the categories to choose the perfect one for their work.
  • They can check out hourly rates and ask for a quote.
  • They can leave feedback to help others understand the workings of a particular company in the real world.
  • They can interact with each other and inquire about companies and how they work, such as crew proficiency, pricing, warranties, etc.

CityLocal Pro Reviewing System

In order to leave feedback on CityLocal Pro, a user has to pass through a “bot detecting mechanism” to leave a review. Since it is not a mediator between a buyer and a seller, CityLocal Pro does not take punitive action against any of the parties in the exchange that turn out to be the culprit.

Still, the reviews are moderated and editors make sure there are no fake reviews or those with foul language or any other violation of terms of usage. This way, the company makes it easy to use and trust without getting into the way of both sellers and buyers. There are little five stars on top of the review writing panel to add a label to your review.

CityLocal Pro’s Claimed Profiles

As mentioned in the earlier section, the team at CityLocal Pro scours through the internet and finds new companies, and brings them to the fold. This way, buyers can discover new companies as they are formed and those companies enjoy free marketing.

For the basic profiles, they are often not claimed by the businesses themselves which mean they are not running those profiles themselves. In this setting, buyers can check out a seller and then make a contact by employing other channels. This may cause confusion and trouble.

In the case of a claimed profile where the business is the brain of the operations, both parties find it easy to communicate and reach out to each other.

How Companies Claim Profiles

CityLocal Pro has made it easier for companies to claim their profiles. On the main page of every company’s profile, there is a nifty button that says “claim your business”. It is that easy!

After clicking that, a representative of CityLocal Pro will contact the business and hand over the charge of that profile to the manager at the other end, after due deliberation.

Benefits Of Claimed Profiles

There are many advantages of claimed businesses. For one, customers are at ease when they know there is a responsible person behind that profile. He will listen to what they have to say and sort out the matter.

Businesses love to claim their profiles because it gives them complete control. They can showcase their portfolio and reply to feedback in the best possible manner.

Site Authenticity Of CityLocal Pro

We have put the CityLocal Pro website through rigorous testing to see if there are any red flags rising. The result is clear and definitive – there are none.

Here is how we determined the trustworthiness of CityLocal Pro;

  • Putting CityLocal Pro through Google Search, we have found that it is up and running 24/7 and new businesses are added each day and new clients sign up for reviews and finding new companies each day.
  • CityLocal Pro website has a valid SSL connection. It means it offers active encryption to the users’ data from cyber attacks, including payment environment.
  • Our browser ran a security audit of the website and found it completely secure.
  • The website’s URL is unique and carries the spirit of what the company actually does. There are no discrepancies at all!
  • The website of CityLocal Pro has an impressive score from the Google safety console.
  • We have gone through its social media profiles and found all the information consistent and in line with the company’s claims.

Verdict – Is CityLocal Pro Legit?

After going through rigorous testing on both technical and utilitarian fronts, we can easily conclude that CityLocal Pro has passed all the tests with flying colors. Of course, there were negative reviews regarding malpractices and defamation, but the administration of the company has made it a rewarding experience to browse through categories and find the relevant company in the least possible time.