Introducing RACE: a practical framework to improve your digital marketing

The RACE Digital Marketing Planning Framework We created RACE to help digital marketers plan and manage their activities in a more structured way since we found that many don’t have a marketing strategy. In this post, first published in July 2010 and since updated with a new summary of digital marketing KPIs you should track, we show how you can simplify your measurement and reporting through RACE Planning. You can find more details about applying RACE for Internet Marketing Planning in our FREE RACE digital marketing planning template download – it is used by all our members to create digital plans using our Digital Strategy Toolkit . To explain and fully define ‘What Is Digital Marketing?’ we created this popular Digital Strategy infographic in 2012 and updated in 2015 as shown below. It shows the Key measures to set targets for and evaluate at each stage of the funnel. Interactive Benchmarking Tool Use our new interactive benchmarking tool to review the capability of your business across each area of the RACE planning framework. What does RACE Planning stand for? The RACE mnemonic summarises the key online marketing activities that need to be managed as part of digital marketing. RACE covers the full customer lifecycle or marketing funnel from: (Plan) > Reach > Act > Convert > Engage There is also an initial phase of PLAN , which involves creating the overall digital strategy, objective setting and plan, so sometimes members call it PRACE , but we prefer RACE Planning […]

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