I took a 30 minute Hubspot Academy lesson and here’s why you should too.

I took a 3o minute Hubspot Academy lesson and here’s why you should too.
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First off, it’s free and who doesn’t like that?

“HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Certification has become the official badge of the inbound movement, with over 60,000 awarded annually. The courses developed by the Academy experts are translated into four languages, and the award-winning certifications are completed by hundreds of people each day all over the world.”

Launched in 2012, The HubSpot Academy has become an online learning experience with a focus on inbound marketing and sales. Designed with ease in mind, courses are categorized into certifications and lessons.

Certifications. A combination of videos and learning provide you with a well-rounded understanding. Certifications range from Content Marketing to HubSpot Sales Software.

Lessons, which I took, provide a much shorter version to have a macro understanding of the topic. They provide you with a quick, optional quiz at the end so you understand the key takeaways from the lesson.

The first lesson I decided to take was, The Fundamentals of Blogging, it was three videos in under 30 minutes. Having worked in this space for years, this course still provided me with tips and tricks I didn’t know. Here’s why even if you think you know everything about blogging, you should still take this lesson.

  1. It’s free. Modern day education is evolving. No longer do you need to take expensive college courses to understand more about your career. I am not discrediting college, but once you’re working, designating time and finances may be difficult. This way I was able to brush up on my knowledge about blogging, learn and save my money.
  2. It’s fast. Long gone are my days of being able to dedicate hours to education or even to myself. As a mother of two, a working professional and writer, time is limited. HubSpot learning can be done at your own pace. You can take smaller portions of time, whether minutes or hours.
  3. It’s recognizable. Two ways to get a great job: networking and elevating your skill level. HubSpot provides ways to do both. There are over 50,000 members of the HubSpot community, and you are now connected to all of them. Not only that, but you receive access to exclusive job boards as well.
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I’ve only taken one lesson, and I already learned enough to get me interested in doing more. I look forward to sharing more into this as I take more certifications and lessons myself. Let me know if you’ve had experience with HubSpot Academy or other free online learning platforms!

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