How Victoria’s Secret Generates An Insane $8 Billion Dollars In Sales Per Year (With 10 Key Takeaways)

On a crisp autumn morning in the mid-1970s, a 30-year-old man named Roy Raymond walked into a department store to buy his wife lingerie. What he found in the store were, tacky designs and unappealing nightdresses that stuck out like a sore thumb under the fluorescent lighting… Add to this the piercing stare of the saleslady who made him feel like a filthy pervert just for being there… The experience was truly appalling. However, it was this horrible experience that sparked a wonderful idea in Raymond’s mind… After finding out that his male friends felt the same way when shopping for lingerie, he saw an opportunity to establish a market where basically none existed. He got a hare-brained idea to build a lingerie store that would make men feel completely comfortable. He essentially designed a lingerie store, FOR MEN! Armed with $80,000 and a lot of guts, Raymond and his wife leased a small space in a mall in Palo Alto, California, and opened a lingerie store. Raymond imagined the fit out of his store to be from the Victorian boudoir era. He went for the name “Victoria” to arouse the kind of respectability that is associated with the Victorian era. And Victoria’s Secret was born! Raymond changed the way people thought about sexy lingerie… And after a few short years his business was booming and he expanded into three more stores in San Francisco and was quickly turning over $4 million in revenue… Fast forward to today, and […]