How to find hidden gems in Google Analytics for ecommerce

Learn how to use and transform data into actionable insights to improve your conversions for ecommerce One of the reasons companies fail is that they are unaware of the changes in the economic environment. Statistics are showing that roughly 80% of new businesses survive past their first year of operation . These days, data is the primary currency and driver of growth. Using data and the proper tools to analyze it, we have the power to generate growth no matter the size or age of the business. Transforming data into actionable insights should be the daily aerobics for a company The problem with these companies is that they sleep on tons of data. They have pure gold in their database: information about customers, visitors, the market, but they are not using it to get actionable insights. To be a data-driven company, you need to have the internal habit (from upper management to every level) to look at the data and generate insights regularly. Every person in the company should understand the importance of his role, the impact he has and the changes he causes. Being a data-driven company means to be an adaptive, flexible and aware company. The companies that pass the test of time and overdeliver value to the market are not necessarily the biggest, but the ones that are agile and adaptive. To be an adaptive company, you need to have a clear vision on the direction you are going, why are you heading there and what […]

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