How to develop iPad Apps – iOS Development

Developed and distributed by the Apple Inc, iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system that constantly redefines what people can do with a mobile device.  There are several steps that one must undertake to get started with developingiPad and iPhone apps.

  • Obtain the right tools: For iOS application development you will require the Xcode, which is Apple’s integrated development environment. It can be downloaded free and contain all the necessary tools and compilers that you may need for the successful iOS application development. The Xcode can be downloaded on a Mac computer running OS X 10.7 (Lion) or a latest version and also helps in developing applications for the Mac OS. However, the Xcode uses Objective- C so if one has problem in understanding the language, Corona is an alternative which uses LUA Lang 
  • Learning C based Language: Instead of using Corona, you may want to learn the C based languages like C++ or JAVA. For this the best option is to purchase book on iPhone app development. There are several such books available in the market to kick-start your career as an iOS developer. However, while purchasing these books, compare and contrast the prises and then buy the most reasonable one. 
  • Re define the existing apps: While dealing with a particular app for iOS application development, it is advisable that you download all the similar kind of apps that you come across. Next you can judge them- where these apps went wrong and how they could be made better and adapt it accordingly. But the most important aspect in re defining the apps is that you have to keep in mind the limited screen space along with the absence of mouse or a physical keyboard substituted by the touch screen, which are the characteristic features of the iPad and iPhone. 
  • Join Apple Developer Program: Once you have mastered yourself in refining your ideas it is time for you to submit them to the Apple App Store. And this is why you will have to join the Apple developer Program, which costs around $99 per year. However, you can join as a company (for which you need a business License) or as an individual (for which a simple DBA is sufficient). 
  • The “Hello World” app: It is advisable that instead of straightaway indulging yourself in the iOS application development you create a standard “Hello world” application in your iPhone or iPad. However, you will have to obtain a developer’s certificate as well as set up a provisioning profile on your device and then get started with developing apps.

Having discussed the most important methods of how to develop iPad apps and other iOS application development a word of advice would be to start with the development as soon as possible and to do so in the minimum span of time. Delay only puts you behind in making a mark in the marketplace as others will have successfully developed an app while you are still at planning it. Hence it is very important for an iOS developer to stay updated with the latest apps.

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