How link retargeting technology is making waves in 2018

Review how link retargeting can help improve your reach and potential site visitors As the new year gets into full swing, ecommerce businesses and entrepreneurs look to find the latest trends in order to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology, and solve any challenges they as a business might face. One of the biggest challenges to date, is reaching new online customers, and fast. Targeting the right consumers, at the right time, can be tricky in an online world where consumers are bombarded with advertising that isn’t always relevant to them. While getting new customers to find your website is unfortunately not an exact science, one recent trend looks set to help businesses out in this regard, and it’s known as link retargeting . What is link retargeting? Those who have already delved into the world of online marketing will know that basic retargeting occurs when a consumer lands on a website and looks at a specific product, is then served with banner ads of the same or similar product when they leave that website and browse others. The website that was originally viewed places a cookie on the browser of the consumer, and when they visit other websites afterwards, they are served with the relevant banner ads in order to keep that product from that store top of mind. Retargeting is a highly successful marketing strategy, known to be 76% more successful at getting click-throughs than normal display ads. While this strategy alone is successful, link […]

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