How does link building help local SEO success?

As Internet usage has exploded over the past 10 years and advertising has shifted from traditional channels to online channels, developing a powerful SEO strategy has become a top priority.

First, let’s mention the importanаt factors that need to be considered for the successful implementation of any SEO strategy in 2021. We will also consider practical issues in the field of search engine marketing.

Local link building tips may vary, but consider the following: Link building tactics for local businesses are different from traditional link building.

Traditional links are generated from high domain authority (DA) sites. Such sites are usually well indexed by the Penguin algorithm, which means more links are generated. If you are interested in local link building, then you need to proceed differently.

Use links from sites with low domain authority simply because it’s a local site. Even low-authority links that do not impact your page rank can yield hundreds of relevant results.

What is the best link building strategy for local SEO?

Google loves links from high quality local sources that it knows are relevant to your business. Finding spammy links from low-quality sites that link to your site can also do even more damage.

A Local seo link strategy includes finding links to your site from business directories customers, vendors, and partner sites on the web. This may include writing content and information related to those sites and linking to your site.

Another strategy is Digital PR, a tactic for increasing your online presence by building relationships with online journalists to get high quality referrals and links from blogs and newspaper sites. Digital PR includes traditional PR combinations, social media, content marketing, and search. The secret to success lies in creating unique, reliable content, writing press releases and transforming it into various forms such as Slideshare presentations, blog posts and infographics, and then exchanged for your social platforms.

Here are 3 proven strategies for building multiple backlinks:

  1. Search for a resource page,
  2. Search for suitable content,
  3. Increase the page size.

Search for a resource page

When a user enters a search query, our system finds suitable pages in the index and shows the most relevant results. Relevance is determined by hundreds of different factors, and we are constantly improving the algorithm for determining it. Google takes user-friendliness into account when ranking results, so make sure your site loads fast and is mobile-optimized.

Finding suitable content

First of all, you need to analyze the target audience.

Then on Liveinternet, find the most popular sites from a related category of interest to your target audience.

Third, use the Buzzsumo service. Here you can analyze competitor sites for sharing.

The fourth step is the Feedly news aggregator. With its help you can get news / articles from certain sites. When you enter the main page, it shows the most popular materials for each of the headings you have entered.

Increase page size

In this case, ask if it’s worth having a link from this page? If the page has a good URLRating and an authoritative domain, then you are on the right track. In this case, the link will appear in the body of the page.

Local seo link building in 2021

Link building is a tricky task. Finding quality backlinks takes a lot of time and effort, but it pays off. Quality is more important than quantity – you’d rather get 1 good link than several low-quality results.

Local seo link strategy

  • Use the Harvest Link

If you want to get links, first of all make a list of possibilities. Only it is better to do it manually. Open Google and then search for sites in your industry. Use LinkAssistant to find it easier. To do this, you need to open your own project and click “Search for perspectives”. The rest is simple – choose from different types of backlinks + collect potential opportunities to build your links. 

  • Steal your competitors’ local backlinks

Fortunately, a competitors backlink checker is not a problem today. You can use SE Ranking for this. After entering a competitor’s website address, you will see an overview of their link profile.

  • You must be first

If you have a list of potential customers from LinkAssistant, as well as a list of your competitors’ links from SEO SpyGlass, then contact the owners of those sites. But first you should make sure there is a reason for requesting a link. This in turn depends on the quality of your content.

  • Create a case study (overview)

To create a case study or an in-depth review, you need to visit your prospect’s website. Research their products and make a purchase. This strategy can be used very effectively for your own business. As a result, you will be able to analyze the situation.

  • visit your prospect’s location

Consider increasing your social circle in business. Go out and talk to business people in person. An appointment is a quick and very effective way to start your journey towards earning a backlink.

  • Always be a guest

Google has improved its algorithm for user friendliness. Google underestimates certain types of backlinks. Only guest posts continue to retain value.

Leverage your lead list and expand it. To speed things up, open LinkAssistant and click Look for Perspectives and select Publish Guest. This will take you to websites that are related to your business.

  • Find local business directories

An important part of local SEO is quoting. Use local business directories such as Yelp and directories by location, and industry.

  • Track your efforts

If you get backlinks, then keep track of the ones you can use in SEO SpyGlass. This ensures your own links are active and that they shouldn’t be nofollowed.

These eight link building local seo link strategy prove that this can happen in different ways. But you see, there is no one-size-fits-all local seo link strategy suitable for every business. 

Do backlinks still work 2021?

You still need backlinks in 2021. But you should understand that a single high-quality link with traffic is more important and effective than 1000 dead links. In general, external optimization is about 40% of all success. It is advisable to achieve such an effect so that your site materials begin to spread on social networks and on other sites. After all, external optimization is not only about links, it is also SERM, social factors and some other parameters. Concentrate on building an interesting project and you won’t need to purchase external links.

<h5>How to create backlinks</h5>

If you are doing website promotion, the first thing you will come across is quality backlinks. With them, in fact, not everything is as simple as we would like. Consider the following ways to get backlinks.

1. Niche directories

Almost every business topic has its own catalogs. They are available both on a paid and free basis.

From the link:

You can find a number of such sites where you can register, make a description and leave a backlink to the promoted resource.


  • make the description for each catalog unique
  • add non-anchor links, do not use anchor

How do you search for such niche directories?

In fact, everything is simple. Go to Google and look for:

  • niche directories
  • free niche directories
  • paid niche directories
  • list of niche directories

It is also important to search for the keyword of your site theme or its direction.

 2. Placing posts through HARO

This is a service in which many site owners, webmasters and, as a result, optimizers sit.

Here is the link:

 Attention should be paid to this service for the following reasons:

  • add our criteria to the project
  • subscribe to notifications
  • you can get the opportunity to prepare content only on the topic of interest

 In the end, all you need is this:

  1.  to get an opportunity
  2. confirm
  3. write content
  4. put a link
  5. place material

In general, you need to understand the basic service and receive new features every day by mail.

3. Press releases

There is a service like that allows you to send a press release and has a good chance of getting on a number of top sites.

Here is a list of the services we tested and use:

  • (more likely to get into Google News)

These services have both paid and free ways to post a press release. From experience I will say that it is better to use paid ones, there will be a return.

But the return depends on:

  • news occasion
  • title (strongly influenced)
  • written text

In a press release, we insert a link to a website – a company that announces some news in the text.

Before doing, it’s best to look at the examples of press releases on these sites that have already been published.

It is also mega important to analyze those that have become successful, understand why and use the same technology.

 4. Adding infographics

We are actively practicing creating infographics. There are a lot of such sites in the English-speaking segment.

How do I find these sites?

  • go to the search engine
  • write: infographic submission list
  • submit / add infographic

We get a list of sites. Next, you need to check these sites for spam, and then post.

Many top infographic directories charge a fee. But often it’s a small budget and well worth it.

 5. Company listings

This is very important for the local promotion of sites in the USA, Canada, England and Australia. But it also affects the growth of positions in search engines.

If you do it automatically and save time, it will help:

Moz recently bought the service, improved it and launched it under their brand name.

Before registering, you can see which sites are available for adding in your region.

We do it simply:

  • write the name of the company
  • insert the zip code (you can google it for the desired city)
  • looking at accommodation options

 6. Posting guest articles directly

This method is effective and gives not only link weight, but also conversions to the promoted site.

How do I search for sites to host? With the help of Rankinity Links we find such sites. We contact them directly

 In order to post an article on an authoritative and thematic resource, you will need:

  • either budget
  • or quality content

If you have previously posted sensible content on someone’s website or blog, then it is important to give examples. This will help you quickly negotiate with bloggers.

But as practice shows, if the topics are highly commercial, then the placement is mainly for money.

The more authoritative the site / blog, the more expensive it will cost to host.

It is also worth noting that correspondence and networking is not a very fast and time-consuming process. Therefore, it is better to initially plan at least 1 person for it.

7. Blog Directory

It is important for all types of sites to make a blog and publish articles there. You can often, you can not. Main quality.

The blog can be added to directories, as a result, you can get additional links to the promoted site.

How to search?

The way is this:

  • blog directories list
  • topic name + blog directory

In the first step, it is important to add to subject directories, if any. Further to the more authoritative. Then in all accessible and not spammed.

Here’s a nice basic list.  

But it is better to collect a list for your tasks, and then gradually add your blog to them.

8. Free software / service / 

You can make free software that will solve a small problem. And then distribute it to thematic forums and software sites.

Practice shows that small services or software then constantly generate backlinks.

How to do this?

Analyze what the problem is in your niche. Try to solve it with a small free product.

Very often, such small products grow into paid and successful services.

There are many ways to get backlinks for website promotion. The main thing is to constantly analyze, try new options and directions. Then there will be more ideas where and how to place backlinks.

To get to the TOP of search queries, you need to use all SEO tools, including local ones, namely link building. If you optimize the customization process properly, you can attract many more potential customers to your business.

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