Getting Your Customers' Attention With an Inbound Marketing Approach

Getting Your Customers’ Attention With an Inbound Marketing Approach
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Your business needs to get noticed and have an excellent system to follow-up with your customers and prospects based on their interests and needs. Achieving a great profile and communication with your customer base requires a determined approach that is in keeping with your organisation’s character and style. Nowadays we are overwhelmed by marketing material through multiple channels, email, text, phone-calls, advertising online and in print, and it is important to ensure that your marketing activities are taken seriously by customers who need the products and services that you provide.

What do we need to do?

  1. Get found by prospects
  2. Identify prospects
  3. Provide relevant and valuable information to support prospects
  4. Prioritise efforts to support customers who are ready to buy
  5. Propose Solutions for ready customers.
  6. Deliver solution
  7. Demonstrate results
  8. Request testimonial to inform new prospects of how you work

The concept of Inbound Marketing is that you provide information and offers to customers who have searched for it based on their needs and wants. This is not just about being considerate toward potential customers; it is also about being frugal with our resources and spending time and effort in the ways that will best benefit those customers who have a need for our products and services that we can provide efficiently and cost-effectively so that each party gets a sense of a deal well-struck.

Saving time, money, and the environment can all be achieved with a considered approach to promoting your products and services. If you are efficient and cost-effective in your marketing, you can afford to reach-out to your marketplace with a high quality competitive offer that profitably meets your customer’s needs.

A website is a clear starting-point for efficient communication of basic information about your organisation, so that potential customers can find you, get an appreciation of your offerings, and know how to contact you. It is important to have a process to keep your website updated as information about your organisation and your products and services changes; this can be achieved by having an owner-controlled website (also known as a content-management-system or CMS), alternatively you can employ the services of an internal or external resource to update your website when required. The benefit if a content-management-system type of website (CMS) is that you are in control of when and how the website gets updated.

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Having a website is only half the story, you still need to get found by people interested in the kind of products and services you provide. When someone searches on the internet they will ask for information in the manner that they think of their need, unless they already know specific likely suppliers. For example if I need a new microwave oven, I will go to Google and search for “microwave oven”.

So if your company is “ACME microwave ovens” you need to make sure that Google (and other search engines) knows about you and that you sell microwave ovens. This is the process of “Getting-Found” and the technique is called Search-Engine-Optimisation or SEO. Even if you have a great looking website you still need to get found by potential customers searching the internet, and you want to appear at the top of the page of search results so that you are most likely to be contacted by your potential customer.

Now that you have a strong stream of visitors coming to your website it is important you make their visit valuable and, if possible, they let you know what they need next. This is achieved by making attractive offers on your website that will encourage interested customers to ask for more information. In this way you will gain more Insight into your customers needs and interests so that you can follow-up with relevant valuable information to them and in-turn propose the right solutions for their needs.

Social Media is an increasingly important channel used to access information and share feedback, and it is an essential element of your marketing strategy, links to and from your website with popular social-media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn enable you to give and receive information relevant to the interests of potential customers.

Keeping track of your various marketing activities and online communications becomes a daunting task, and can be handled using marketing integration tools and techniques to focus your attention on managing your business promotion and responding and adapting nimbly to your marketplace.

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One of the most effective and efficient ways to show potential customers how you can solve their problems is to show them using a video on your website and follow-up video conference sessions or webinars to demonstrate how your solutions can meet their needs. The use of a cost-effective Video-Conferencing service enables you to achieve this very personal communication, but without costly and environmentally-impactful travel; Saving time, money, and the-environment.

Many people nowadays search the internet from mobile devices, smart-phones, and tablet-computers, so it is critical that your website and follow-up communication is highly accessible and readable on a mobile device; Mobile optimised websites and follow-up communications enable this and are a must-have feature of a modern marketing strategy.

Based on your follow-up and offerings your customers will be in the best position to decide to buy from you, whence you will deliver the solution and make sure it works for them, and based on their experience with you they may be able to offer a testimonial of doing business with you, which helps you in your future communications with potential customers.

How can we do what we need to do? Here are some ways:

  • Website with Search Engine Optimisation and Mobile-friendly
  • Video Conference Service
  • Social Media and Newsletter Publishing
  • Integration and Business Intelligence Collation

Dave Meanwell has been in client-facing roles for 28-years and introduced or improved numerous sales and marketing processes. Now an e-Commerce Business Solutions consultant. For more information on how to achieve all of the above visit

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