Four Ways To Improve the Health and Wellness Culture of Your Digital Marketing Agency

Four Ways To Improve the Health and Wellness Culture of Your Digital Marketing Agency

Happy, healthy employees drive the success of your digital marketing company. However, the stress of their job as well as their home life can make taking care of themselves difficult. Helping them focus on their wellbeing, encouraging them to rest, and working with them to prioritize their family over the business can alleviate some of the pressure that they feel. Here are four ways to improve the wellness culture of your agency. 

Offer Gift Cards and Membership To Services

One of the reasons that employees avoid the gym is that they have issues affording the membership. They also struggle to pay for health services and are unable to enjoy massages and red light therapy benefits. You can assist them with this by lowering the cost of these to make it easier to manage. Reach out to your local gym and spas and see if they offer a corporate discount. If they do, work out an agreement for your staff to participate in what they offer. If your digital marketing corporation is spread out across the country, consider sending out gift certificates instead. This gives everyone in your company the opportunity to take care of themselves when they are off the clock and gives them a place to unwind after a long day. 

Arrange For Them To Work From Home

Balancing a family and a career can be a challenge and cause stress on your employee. If they have to stay home sick or be with an ill child, they must use paid leave and fall behind on their tasks. Setting up your digital marketing company to allow them to work from home can put their minds and hearts at ease and allow them to stay on track to meet their deadlines. Research the costs to install a virtual private network or to put your most utilized databases on the cloud. Send each member of your staff the access to connect with these. You may have to schedule a seminar to teach them the process or set up one-on-one tutoring for those struggling with the concept. If your budget allows, purchase laptop computers to send home with them to make things simpler for everyone involved.

Encourage Your Employees To Get Rest

Staff members who get the proper amount of sleep are the most productive in the company. However, this can be a challenge to monitor as an employer. Schedule tasks for your employees that allow them to leave their assignments at your facility instead of taking the load home with them. Post suggestions for the best methods to fall asleep where everyone can see them. Contact a local professional in your community and ask them to come and speak to those who work for you about the options available to them to get better slumber each night.

Promote Self Reflection

Having a clear mind can help a staff member concentrate on their task at hand. Mediation each day can relax them as well as sharpen their focus as they work. Set up a space within your facility where employees can go to do this. Dim the lights and provide a system where they can play relaxing music if they want it. You should also have a comfortable spot for them to sit and rest. Yoga is another option that allows individuals to self-reflect. Have a local instructor come in once a week to lead a class for all those who are interested. The health and well being of your employees should be a priority of your digital marketing agency. Providing them with methods to help take care of themselves and offering them ideas and opportunities to rest or meditate will lead to a happier, more productive staff.