Fotojet Integrates Photo Collage, Design, and Editing

Fotojet Integrates Photo Collage, Design, and Editing

It’s not difficult to edit graphics now. If you want to adjust photos easily, there are many applications on your mobile device that can retouch photos, add filter effects, or crop and adjust the size. You cannot even be required to download any program, and you can open it online with a browser. Photo editing services are easy to complete.  

What you can get from FotoJet

The Collage editor combines multiple photos into a single image, with more than 600 built-in collage scene templates. Its Design function will assist you in creating a cover for social media networks, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which have suitable picture sizes. Just select and upload and drag your photos to form a beautiful picture.

Finally, FotoJet also has a photo editing function like image processing software installed on a computer. Users upload pictures to FotoJet, and use the built-in editing functions to rotate, crop, or adjust the size of the photo and the value of various color tones. Built-in various style filters can quickly make the images show entirely different styles.

FotoJet can be said to be a premium, powerful and convenient online image processing tool. You can create high-level works without any design knowledge.  

How to use FotoJet to design your graphics

Step 1: Access the FotoJet homepage

Here this post will use “Design” as a practicing example. After opening the FotoJet website, click on the function you want to use from the top menu when you open this tool, several template options, including social network cover and social media picture. Because the picture size has been fixed, the effect will not be affected by the picture size when uploaded to the social media platform after the production is completed.

Although you can use FotoJet without registering, it supports one-click login to Facebook, saving time filling in the registered account’s email. It is recommended that you register first and then use this platform, and you can directly import pictures from Facebook when you log in.

Step 2: Enter the graphics editing page

The interface of the FotoJet design function comes with very simple. The main editing area is the center of the screen. First, select the template from the left side and upload your picture on the right side. The operation method is pretty intuitive. In addition, you can add text, clip art, shape patterns, or switch backgrounds on the left side.

Step 3: Select a template to customize 

First of all, choose a FotoJet built-in template. As long as it looks similar to the format you want, don’t worry about the above pictures or text content because you can adjust and modify it yourself later.

If you have registered an account through Facebook, FotoJet allows users to import photos directly from Facebook, convenient. Also, you can apply the image from your computer. 

Step 4: Edit the template at will

When you select a template, you want to use, and the design template will be displayed in the middle of the screen. Then upload the photo you wish to apply to FotoJet from the upper right corner, and drag it from the right side to the position of the image you want to replace in the template. Replace the original sample pictures.

Not only that, but FotoJet also allows users to add text or other pattern effects freely. For sample designs that initially have pictures, click on the text in the image to edit it and change it to the content you want.

Step 5: Download your graphics.

After editing, click Download to export the picture. You can choose JPG or PNG format, set the picture quality you need, and finally click Downloaded for Free Now to save the photo file.

FotoJet photo editor can replace computer editing software.

Next, you will learn FotoJet’s photo editing function. If you don’t want to do collage or design, but you wish to adjust the brightness or crop size of the picture, switch to Edit.

The editing tool has several commonly used functions, including cropping, resizing, rotation, exposure, color, sharpening, defogging, vignetting, focus, etc. When you use it, please turn on the function and adjust it to the effect you want. The picture will automatically adjust the preview, and click Apply to complete the editing on the right.

The FotoJet editor also has a built-in special effect, which is the so-called filter effect. Just click on the filter change you want to apply, and you can use the color to the existing photo.  

Finally, the FotoJet photo editor can also export pictures or directly share them to social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr, and set photo descriptions.


On the whole, FotoJet is a premium online photo editor with complete and comprehensive functions. FotoJet provides three major functions: collage, design, and photo editing, which can basically meet the needs of most beginners.