Email Marketing Metrics Report: March 2018

Over 205 billion emails are sent on a daily basis and this figure is expected to reach 246 billion by 2019. In response to this growing wave, email marketing strategies have changed. What worked for businesses five years ago, may not work today. So how do we make sure we’re always on top when it comes to email marketing? The answer is in data-driven email marketing. Luckily, we’re obsessed with email AND data. So obsessed that we’ve looked at email data from October to March to give you the latest Email Marketing Metrics Report. Here are a few highlights that will make you rethink your campaigns. Desktop is here to stay Based on the latest data, 46% of people use mobile to check their emails. Despite the growing popularity of mobile, there’s actually been a slight 2% dip in mobile use for emails since November 2016. Clearly, desktop isn’t going anywhere. But our message isn’t about keeping emails perfect for desktop. It’s to ensure that we’re always creating good customer experiences regardless of how our messages are being opened. Your next step: How readers check their emails might differ according to industries. Your best bet is to look at your email reports and spot the trend. If your readers are mostly on mobile phones, they might not want a text-heavy email. And those on the Smartwatch can only read plain-text messages. We need to be inclusive when it comes to our email designs. Gmail takes the throne According to […]