Effective marketing for schools and the educational industry

Effective marketing for schools and the educational industry
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Today, the educational industry has exponentiated its offer. Overall, the market is programmed to get widely informed before selecting a course (whichever the grade or specialty it is), and most of this process starts through the Internet search.

That’s why today strategic marketing is basic for schools and educational industry organizations… and yes, it doesn’t matter if your organization has online courses or not, your buyer persona is out there searching, and you HAVE to be there for it.

If you have already identified your buyer persona(s), it’s fundamental to develop your marketing strategy and comprehend the workflow you’ll be facing (for this matters, we can base ourselves on the inbound marketing methodology).

Starting over

First of all, you must consider that students have a series of information needs that must be satisfied so they can opt-in for more details. You must focus your energy (and budget) into generating and promoting quality content (videos, articles, infographics, among others) through your media set.

You must be aware that it’s worth understanding that strategy and media election won’t be the same for someone looking for a Master or Ph.D., to that looking for someone who’s in the midst of a bachelor degree.

If quality itself proved attractive enough to catch the user’s attention, the road continues through landing pages and contact forms; the main objective here is to convert your visiting users into leads.

From here, a very challenging but entertaining process starts: lead nurturing. Basically, the lead is now managed in a more personalized manner, in which direct media (such as email marketing) will be needed to feed information needs; evenly, the lead will take a final decision (of course, we want a positive one).

It’s worth to mention that email marketing is one of your best tools for lead nurturing, since automated email marketing is available today — and yep, it has sure proven to be a reliable instrument for many brands and organizations.

Also, it’s at this stage where CRM prove themselves worthy. Many schools and education industry organizations lose the opportunity to enroll new students for lack of an effective lead tracing, while also facing some process problems between marketing and sales/promotion teams.

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Once enrollment is done, you may think there’s nothing left to do… but that’s completely erroneous. Now, your new students are also your new consumers, and it’s critical for you to understand that an effective experience will transform them into your eventual promoters or even your allies.

Last but not least, content is (still) quite a support for this last step. Quality content marketing is still important since your eventual ex-students will continue to get engaged to your organization through the nostalgia factor; moreover, if you develop a premium content strategy for all these people we assure you that their overall experience will only be way better.

We highly you to take “some minutes” to think a little bit about these topics. Remember, we’re way deep into the information-based relations era.

If this article has helped you, don’t hesitate and share it. Regards!

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