Digital asset management: an upbeat option for marketers

With the increasing volume of digital images and other rich media, the demand for digital asset management (DAM) continues to grow. One of the most dynamic sectors in the use of DAM systems is marketing. According to research from Forrester , many more DAM products are designed to support marketing, as compared to enterprise and media applications. But the ability to manage rich media has become essential for departments throughout the enterprise.

“Being able to locate and reuse digital assets is a primary driver for the market,” says Nick Barber, analyst at Forrester. DAM systems bring efficiency to the search process. “This ability can make a huge difference. One company reported that a team of users could take up to 90 minutes collectively to find an asset they wanted, but after deploying a DAM system, the time was cut to less than a minute,” he notes. That degree of improvement makes a strong business case.

Upstream, the outlook is also positive. “With the vast majority of marketers investing in content development, the need to scale creation of assets without scaling the staff is also critical,” Barber says.

Seven thousand digital assets Pearl Drums has been around since 1946, so it provides a good model for how an established company can ease into the 21 st century in its management of digital assets. The company makes acoustic/electronic drums and other percussion instruments, as well as flutes.

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