Consumer behaviour and retail trends 2018

“Almost all members of Generation Z prefer to shop in bricks-and-mortar stores” – IBM & National Retail Federation Online sales continue to grow in importance, as shown by our compilation of ecommerce growth trends . But for many businesses, the days of double-digit, year-on-year growth in online sales are over. We are now in the era of ecommerce optimization where, to maintain growth, businesses are having to innovate their growth strategy, for making their online experiences engaging and persuasive.

As the world of digital continues to transform, with different generational segments of the population adapting to technology at their own distinct pace, marketers keep a close eye on retail ecommerce trends and developments. With artificial intelligence being hot topic for the future of marketing, trends like conversational commerce, using chatbots and voice search have been closely associated to widely-adopted online shopping habits amongst millennials as well as other population segments.

More and more stores are moving online and constantly taking measures to improve their online shopping experience and multichannel approach. Much like the world of digital, consumer shopping behaviour continues to evolve , as consumers discover new opportunities, both online and offline. In fact, a recent retail trends survey , commissioned by a leading London-based international brand experience consultancy, has revealed that almost three-quarters of millennials still prefer stores to online shopping. Who would have thought? In this world of digital, millennials, often regarded as an immensely digital-savvy generation, still prefers to shop in a physical store.

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