Components of a Holistic User Experience

Components of a Holistic User Experience
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Back in the days, it was not so important to emphasize on user experience, but users are now the center point of web design. It is now the norm to design for the user experience. The websites that do not meet the purpose of interacting with their users generally them quickly.

After all, the one who is going to the use the site are the users. And it is natural for them to leave the site if it does not live up to their expectations. However, there are some elements and components that one must know before he begins to design a site or an app.

Focus on the Looks

A user, even before reading anything, decides whether he’ll stay on a site or not. The decision comes by looking at the visuals of the site, or web application, or a mobile app.

Users do need high-quality, relevant content, but they also want it from a place which does not spoil their comfort. There must be a harmony between every aspect of a design. The visitors tend to stay on a page which looks good, delivers well, and can interact with them through design.

Improve the Usability and Functionality

Some designers consider usability as the only parameter for a design. The reality, however, is that usability is a mere part it. A great design is the one which is functional and can understand and solve their issues.

Besides the usability and functionality, you must also take care of the individuality and predictability. Predictability is crucial because it lets users feel that they are in control. This makes them feel a lot more comfortable about their actions.

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Be cautious with the Content

Once the layout, navigation, usability, and functionality are improved, you need to focus on the quality of the content as well. The content, besides being unique, must be able to complement the design of the site or the app as well.

The content should not be a clutter of unnecessary words and adverts. It must be relevant enough to meet the needs of readers. It should be well in order and must have enough space in between. The sufficient spacing between the content makes it easier for it to breathe.


Although these points are essential, there are some other components to perfect user experience in design as well. Anything that you do must be centered on the users, because you are designing the entire thing for them, and not yourself. Also, you even have the liberty to use tools like SiteSonic to build a site without being a programmer. A few taps and drag-and-drops are sufficient to launch a website.

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