Blogging and video strike up a bond

Blogging and video strike up a bond
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As more and more people become comfortable behind the camera, particularly with live video, Mike Allton expects to see a lot more blog content that comes directly from video. A leading blogger and social media consultant, Allton is the owner and founder of The Social Media Hat, which posts articles about changes and events affecting social media and internet marketing.

“We should see more people repurposing live video into podcasts and blog content,” he said, anticipating trends in both areas.

“People are favoring video more and, of course, social media in general,” said marketing entrepreneur, podcast host and Twitter chat moderator Madalyn Sklar. “It seems blogging is taking a backseat.”

Allton talked about common misnomers people have about blogging and social media.

“The first misperception is that there’s no relation at all, that your social activity has nothing to do with what you’re blogging about,” he said. “The second misperception is that social media should be used to simply broadcast and promote your blog content, but social channels are not advertising mediums.”

Allton described the ideal workflow for publishing and promoting a new blog post:

  • Step One: Research ideas and ensure that the selected topic fits your brand voice, audience needs and business goals.
  • Step Two: Draft and edit the post, and labor over the headline. Get help from headline analyzer.
  • Step Three: Have a blog promotion checklist to ensure you use every technique to promote your post, including social media, email, influencers and more.

What if brands default to the advertising mindset on social media to compensate for an underwhelming brand persona?

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“That’s possible,” Allton said. “I suspect most of the time — from my observation — it’s due to a lack of resources or knowledge and, at the core, motivation to learn and invest.”

He explained how social media increases blog visibility and vice versa.

“While you certainly want to share blog content to social media, particularly new content, the most effective way is to use blog content to spark conversations,” Allton said. “Whether you’re sharing new or evergreen posts, try to ask questions in your shares and get people thinking around the topic of your post. Then, within other blog posts, you might be able to reference or even embed some of those social conversations.”

He “absolutely” sees the benefit to have the same audience on blog and social networks.

“You will always have people who only choose one channel,” Allton said. “It’s best when your target audience is using and is being reached through both. When your audiences are aligned, that allows you to focus on creating great blog and social content that is complimentary and synergistic, and ultimately helpful to your entire audience. As long as there’s no technical penalty — such as for duplicate content — I’ve seen no evidence that there’s an audience penalty for seeing the same content in multiple places.”

Some people like to use long-form social media posts instead of a blog, but Allton cited a drawback

“Long-form social posts can certainly benefit branding, authority-building and audience growth, but they cannot replace owned blog content,” he said. “Your blog is where you get to create funnels and repositories of resources that drive real business results.”

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Allton recommended resources to social media marketers who want to grow and improve their blog. To start, he said writers should follow other blogs and bloggers.

“The next step is to look for more detailed resources such as courses, ebooks and print books that address your needs,” he said. “The most effective next step is to begin attending conferences, either specific to your industry or social media in general such as Social Media Marketing World. There you can both learn and network at a highly concentrated rate.”

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