Benefits of Using YouTube Videos to Market your Business Online

Benefits of Using YouTube Videos to Market your Business Online
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We already have an idea about the power of YouTube and the opportunities it has given till today. It is a platform where the celebrities, artists, comedians have set up a successful career through YouTube videos. Various production houses and freelancers have started their own channels and are doing great in the market today. While video marketing has such a capacity, why shouldn’t the small businesses expand using the video marketing techniques? You could hire online video making experts to build storytelling advertisements or create a series or do any sort of creativity with videos to market your business. Furthermore, a lot of companies sponsor the already well-doing production houses on YouTube while they advertise their products in their videos. But all of it does require some sort of investment. Thus, to identify the benefits of such investments and understand what outcome you can expect using YouTube video marketing promotions, check out the following points!

High volumes of traffic

YouTube has over 1 billion users on YouTube. Moreover, the number of hours they spend watching YouTube has increased by almost 50% from the past one year. Therefore, you can imagine the opportunity YouTube has for the businesses to reach out their message to missions which have the potential to become their customers. YouTube not only is an investment, but it has substantial returns that make your investments almost negligible. Moreover, the investments are rather not so expensive as that of the television and cable stations, the gains still being far better.

Videos easily capture attention

A creative video beats any of the written content on an image and can captivate the audience to the fullest. Remember, the video should be original and creative enough and add value to your target audience. YouTube statistics mentions that the viewers spend hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube videos every day. Moreover, it also estimates that people in total upload 300 hours of YouTube videos every minute. That’s pretty huge, right?

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Multiple marketing types solely on YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel so powerful that it is not the only the uploading and sharing of a video but YouTube offers various other opportunities too. The YouTube video suggestions, shares, subscribe options are significant factors that add up to the multiple marketing types.

Your videos are accessible world-wide

YouTube is a platform known worldwide. It is accessible from any location, on any device and at any time. Did you know, 50% of the total views on YouTube are from mobile devices. Moreover, YouTube is available with 61 different languages, in 75 different countries, it gives you the opportunity to capture your audience in multiple languages. Statistics show 60% of the total views are from countries other than the home country of the video. This mathematical calculation proves its popularity and effectiveness in marketing for businesses.


Google owns YouTube, and thus, your videos can take the benefits of both, ranking as well as enhancing the social media presence of the business. YouTube videos definitely get a high ranking on the Google’s search pages and thus make YouTube marketing a comprehensive video marketing strategy.

YouTube allows viral marketing

One can enjoy the viral marketing benefits through YouTube. All you need to do is embed the videos on your website and share them on social media. Viewers have a habit of sharing videos with their friends, families and co-workers through social media. This sharing on social media has a vast capacity of making video viral gaining millions of views and likes.

YouTube marketing is a part of social media marketing

One can easily share YouTube videos online. Thus, when you hire YouTube marketing experts, they will help you integrate it with all of your social media marketing strategies. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon are some of the top social media platforms where people share YouTube videos. To prove this, the DMR statistics states that people watch 323 days’ worth YouTube videos on Facebook every minute. More the popularity a YouTube video has, high it ranks, and higher are the possibilities of your business to gain leads and grow. As the video gets popular, the associated links such as your website link will too get popular.

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Final Words

Knowing the benefits of YouTube, you surely would want to hire a video marketing expert and help you get ahead with your business marketing plan. Not only to the business entities, but it has also given a platform to the entire young talent of the world to come up and engage with the audience. You too can head with opportunity for your business and make the most out of it!

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