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As part of the course PUB 478 towards my Bachelor’s of Arts in Interactive Arts and Technology, I had the wonderful opportunity to develop a brand for Beet. Going into the course with small experience in UI (User-Interface) Design and UX (User-Experience) Design and some practice in Graphic Design I felt I was not fully equipped with the tools to work on the project. However, by the end everything had come together and the most important thing I learned is that the process in and of itself is more important than the end product, especially in design.

The quote by Marsha Sinetar summarizes my new-found knowledge that became as important as the end-of-term deliverable:

Only the strongest egos escape the trap of perfectionism. To solve problems successfully, you must believe you can, must feel capable enough to improvise. Yet too many adults have been schooled away from their ability to experiment freely.

One personal roadblock that hindered my ability to work to my fullest potential was my anxiety towards the end result. I acknowledge my shortcomings and that I only became a better design while working on Beet.


Before diving into the design aspect of the project, I would like to highlight the motive to make an accessible product is what drove most of the design decisions during the ideating and prototyping phases. Accessibility in terms of the digital platform means that the product is: _______, ________, _________ & ________. In the context of my project ‘The Inclusivity Bar’ was born out of the need to make accessibility tools visible for everyone. More on that in following sections.

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The branding for Beet Scholarly Podcast Network had to satisfy the academic nature of the podcasts and topics all the while keeping it welcoming, lighthearted and inclusive. Eventually, the resources and knowledge shared on the podcasts and websites are open to the public, along with university partners, which makes it important to create an all round branding identity that speaks to both the public and the academia.






After deciding on the branding, next was designing UI for the website. In started with sketches and some ideas while always keeping accessibility in the back of my mind.


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