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10 statistics and reasons why you should turn your marketing attention to baby boomers Baby boomers are born between 1946 and 1964, there are around 74.9 million baby boomers. That’s an audience of 74.9 million that need to be reached. Because of the buzz built around millennials, it has become easy to market to that generation. But what about baby boomers, how are marketers reaching them and seeing an ROI. Marketers will usually be looking to reach one of the following generations to promote their product or service: Baby boomers – born between 1946-1964 Generation X – born between 1965-1980 Millennials – born between 1981-2000 The generation that often gets overlooked is baby boomers. We have been looking into the behavior of millennials and now we will explore baby boomers. The following stats can help marketers target and reach out to this generation effectively. Baby Boomer Statistics 60% of people in the 50 – 64 year age group, which is most of the boomer population, are now on at least one social media site. Facebook is by far the most popular social media site for baby boomers ( Colorado University, 2016) About 60% of baby boomers spend time reading blogs and online articles as a source of information and intrigue, and about 70% enjoy watching videos about products and services ( Forbes , 2017) Baby boomers spend 27 hours per week online, which is two hours more per week than those who are between 16 and 34 Baby Boomers […]

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