Top 7 Cybersecurity Tips For Your Online Business

Top 7 Cybersecurity Tips For Your Online Business

The online expanse seems to be a very powerful concept, and yet it is so fragile when it comes to security guarantees. Security breaches are getting more and more severe, pushing R&D professional talents to come up with quite proactive tech solutions, developing disruptive technologies to secure online safety needs. 

Methods proven effective yesterday may no longer stand strong against attacks today. As a result, R&D center specialists have been gaining so much popularity lately, in terms of doing profound research before getting down to the actual realization of innovative cybersecurity fixes.

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Cybersecurity is crucial for the online community, especially for the business part. Running a business online may seem like an easy and much more convenient way to have the product find its customers, and it is indeed true from various angles ( bigger audience, global reach, easier ways to interact with a product). Yet, when it comes to security matters, no negligence is permitted. 

7 Cybersecurity Tips

Here are 7 cybersecurity tips for choosing the right protecting model for your already successful business running that are like a must in the present-day cybereality.

1.  Zero-Trust security paradigm

This model prevents any “strangers on the field” from entering the system. All the users have to be authenticated and authorized. Zero Trust architecture is far beyond the existing models since it equally efficiently deals with internal and external attacks. It has automated threat detection due to its capability to map the flow of the critical data and build appropriate responses.

2. Behavioral Analytics ( Users plus Entity)

This sort of cybersecurity technology learns through the "appropriate" behavior with your resource of both users and apps. After the baseline for it is created and any abnormal act gets caught and thoroughly dealt with. Behavioral analytics products quality depends on the level of R&D service applied. Since not only proper development will serve this sort of a product. Also, the level of research being previously done for the features to be not typical, but perform peculiar functions responding to higher-risk breaches.

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3. Next-Generation Firewall

Basically, it keeps all the classic firewall features ( intrusion stopping, control of application actions, responses to potential threats). NG part includes multi-faceted protection, spam protection, single console access, IDS, and IPS functions alongside simplified infrastructure.

4. AI and Machine Learning

No matter what judgment they do go through, these tools keep being critical tools in protecting information, via analyzing huge amounts of events, defining various threats. Machine Learning has demonstrated itself to be quite effective at fighting against e-commerce fraud attacks. It may have glitches when it comes to operating with small data packages, yet usually online business is quite solidly packed.

5. Blockchain

This technology is a safe present and bright future of business transaction security. Blockchain is a solid fence between the user’s information and attempts at hacking. Its decentralized property creates a safe environment, by owning a small piece of data, eliminating hacking attacks. To ensure blockchain implementation for your business, it is highly recommended to get a decent r&d engineer, or a team of specialists, who will research and build a unique fitting system for your project needs.

6. Hardware authentication

Hardware authentication is a technology that is used to generate a unique and lasting for little time cryptographic code for users to type it together with a password in their pursuit of acquiring access to the data. With all the information being stored and transmitted in the cloud expanse, hardware checkups for breaches of sensitive data still make sense and are quite practiced. 

7. Active Defence Measures

Honestly, this technology actually has it in its name - it fights hackers back, by tracing them and rendering them harmless, at least for their resources. 

Cybersecurity Importance

Source: Mobilunity

Your business is created for the audience to benefit from it. One of the biggest responsibilities, besides adding up value, being authentic, and appreciating every client, is to protect the most important thing that the audience entrusts you with  - personal and business information. 

By taking cybersecurity seriously and following up on the latest technologies to ensure it, you are not only securing your business well-being, but you also demonstrate that there is safe dealing possible with you. Your business reputation big-time depends on how to secure your clients, employees, and you yourself feel, doing what each should. 

Try to find the most efficient tools that suit the best exactly your amount and type of data to protect. Employ a team of R&D professionals, or hire an R&D senior to help you with the best security solutions. The options are endless, just make sure to dig in the right places.


Cybersecurity is a complex matter that actually, if not taken responsibly, may deter everything that you do and put you, your business, and people involved in such horrendous jeopardy, that it may be virtually impossible to swim up.

There is no intent to scare one from running a prosperous online business. However, make sure to take into consideration things suggested above, including hiring high-profile research and development talents notwithstanding generous money spent for R&D salary, that is worse every dollar invested.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Shopify Shop or Similar: Low-Cost Methods

How to Drive Traffic to Your Shopify Shop or Similar: Low-Cost Methods

Today, there are many online stores in the world, and the trend is increasing. The pandemic and the development of technology have contributed to the world turning towards online shopping. Most often, it is straightforward, fast, and beneficial for both the buyer and the sellers. And Shopify is one of the reasons for the sharp increase in the number of online stores. The platform has made it incredibly easy to create an online store. More and more sellers want to trade through Shopify, and this is not surprising.

Statista report that Shopify generated over 900 million U.S. dollars in subscription solutions and around two billion U.S dollars in merchant solutions in the fiscal year 2020. Over the measured period, both segments have witnessed rapid sales growth.

However, increasing competition has proven incredibly difficult for some, as many stores receive minimal traffic. Lowest traffic means lowest sales. Many sellers are intimidated by the enormous costs of attracting traffic. However, large advertising budgets are not always needed to promote your store on Shopify.

In this article, we'll take a look at a few inexpensive ways to drive traffic to your online store.

How to drive traffic to your Shopify store

Traffic is the key to any store. Without traffic, you simply won't get visits to your store, which means there won't be any sales. The primary sources of traffic to online stores

Internet traffic comes from many areas of the Internet. But several sources will dominate your site. It often depends on the category of the website.

These are the main traffic sources:

  • Search engines.

Many shoppers go straight to search engines like Google to find the product they want. In this case, your products can be displayed in one of two ways: through the ad you paid for or through the search engine SEO algorithms (also known as organic).

  • Referral traffic

It is the kind of traffic that comes to your site through clicks on links from other sites. It usually happens because a third party is linking directly to your site.

  • Email

Marketing campaign emails are still a pretty good tool for driving external traffic. However, the recipient must subscribe to your newsletters voluntarily.

  • Social networks

Anything you can do on social media, show up with bloggers and influencers, or just run your page on social media will benefit you and drive traffic to your e-commerce site.

  • Straight

Direct traffic comes when your site is already heard, and someone simply enters it into a browser to get to your store. It usually happens when they have already visited your site, and the URL is remembered by their browser's search bar.

Here's how you can attract traffic to Shopify store with a limited budget

1. Use free ads on Google Shopping

Thanks to free Google ads, you can now post information about your products on Google pages.

Your items will appear on the "Shopping" tab. You only need to create a Google Merchant Account and a relevant product description.

Since ads are free, there is a good chance your vertical will become overcrowded. That is why fully optimizing your product data is as vital as ever.

2. Use search engines organically

  Forbes writes that just under half of your income can come from regular site visitors, most of whom get there through SEO. Maintaining a solid search ranking is critical to maintaining a strong financial position.

Using search engines is a good, low-cost way to drive visitors to your Shopify store. If you choose to generate traffic organically with search engines, you will need to use SEO.

Effective SEO takes into account the big picture, from keywords to page load time.

3. Create discount offers

Discount and sale codes always attract customers and persuade them to buy from you.

You can also use offers with surveys and other tools to help you better understand your customers. This method can help attract new customers or at least help you gather more information about why someone is interested or not.

4. Create guest posts

It can be a good tool for driving external traffic to your Shopify store. Suggest writing guest blog posts on topics similar to your store. It can also be expert comments with a backlink leading to your store.

This interaction helps you build relationships with peers in your industry. Over time, this can become a mutually beneficial collaboration.

5. Drive free traffic with Ads Exchange

Free ad exchanges are a great way to trade ads with other companies. Using an application like Free traffic Exchange, you can place ads on your site, and other stores will serve ads to you. These advertisements shouldn't be too distracting for shoppers as they appear at the bottom of the screen, generate excitement at any time, and last no more than 30 seconds.

6. Get active on Reddit

Reddit is an excellent resource for online store owners when it comes to driving traffic. Why? Because there are very narrow forums on almost any topic!

You can respond as an expert in your topic or give comments on how to troubleshoot forum members.

7. Create preview product pages for major upcoming product releases

 This strategy develops preliminary product page categories for major upcoming product releases such as iPhone, Oculus Quest 2, and Playstation 5. It could be a pre-order page or just a product details page, but if you can get pre-orders or email subscriptions to send out stock notifications, this is best for conversions.


The competition for traffic for online stores is growing, and it is impossible to enter this market today without a good marketing strategy. The Shopify platform provides many opportunities for both novice sellers and well-known companies. However, to get lost in a vast mass of similar stores, you will need to make an effort. At the same time, you already know from our article that these efforts are not necessarily associated with large advertising budgets.

If you are familiar with online promotion methods, you can use special tools and even create your pages to attract and generate traffic. In doing so, use software testing outsourcing to evaluate the effectiveness of your site.

Either way, your budget is a starting point: you decide which methods to promote your store and which free options are best for you.

Author’s bio: Anastasiia Lastovetska is a technology writer at MLSDev, a software development company that builds web & mobile app solutions from scratch. She researches the area of technology to create great content about app development, UX/UI design, tech & business consulting.

Why Should Your Business Outsource Marketing?

Why Should Your Business Outsource Marketing?

Entrepreneurs are a funny lot. Often, they have an incredible array of skills and experience, an enviable work ethic, and the enthusiasm to get stuck in with running every aspect of a business.

Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful life, but as your business grows, you will quickly find that some tasks become more difficult.

Take marketing, for example. 

Getting Stuck in with Marketing

At first, you can happily spend your day dreaming up new ways to promote yourself and your company, ensuring that the world knows everything about your business, but, as time goes on, and more customers seek out your product or service, it becomes increasingly tricky to keep up with local trends and keep customers from becoming bored of hearing from you week after week. 

This is where marketing outsourcing comes in handy.

With so many different business sectors to take into account, it can be very hard to find one marketing team that will take care of all your needs, but if you use a marketing outsourcing agency like, you can be comfortable knowing that real experts have your marketing in hand.

What Sort of Marketing Does Your Business Need?

There are several different forms of marketing outsourcing that you can implement within your business. They are generally split into three main categories that are based on the type of budget that you have to play with.

Market Research

It's very hard to find out what your customers expect from your brand, but through market research, you will be able to find out exactly what they want and, if you send them exactly what they want, they will continue to return because they will be able to make use of the products or services for which they pay.

Advertising & PR

This is where your brand gets its name recognition through advertising and PR campaigns. 

If you want your business to be instantly recognizable and treated as a trustworthy brand, then advertising and PR campaigns are key. The more messages you send out, the more exposure your business will get, and the further customers will travel (either in the real world or digitally) to find your products or services.

Sales & Marketing

The sales team will sell your products or services through any number of methods; face-to-face meetings, direct mail, email marketing, and telemarketing, for example. 

If you wish to make the most money from customers who visit your website or browse social media pages, then this is where you need to implement strong sales and marketing

For example, you can sell directly from your website or online social media pages by using email marketing and telemarketing campaigns.

Reaching Out to a Marketing Company

There are various ways to reach out to a marketing company. 

When thinking of a good marketing company, you have to ask yourself how they can help your business grow. 

Although many services may require your company to invest a decent amount of money, if you choose a marketing agency with strong experience in all kinds of marketing techniques, this will pay off in the end.

How to Run a Business Professionally

How to Run a Business Professionally

When you are running a business, it is important that you do so with the highest levels of professionalism. This is especially true in a crowded field with many other businesses out there that are specializing in the same type of work that you do. By making sure that everything is run with the highest possible standards of professionalism, you can be sure to retain your employees, increase productivity and ultimately improve your bottom line. If you would like to learn more about how to do this, then please read the dedicated guide that has been created for your reading pleasure below. 

Understand Your Finances 

If you want to be a fully professional business, you need to have a proper understanding of your finances. That's why you should have a dedicated audit in order to see what your expenses are and how much is coming in and going out. Ultimately, there is nothing more unprofessional than being a company that doesn't know what it is spending money on and why. To look truly professional, you need to make sure that you are making more money than you are spending and that you have enough money in reserve to tide over any crises that you might have. 

Pay Employees on Time 

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. If you treat them well, then they will be likely to respond to you positively in kind. This is definitely true when it comes to paying your employees on time. Try and have a dedicated payment day in order to make sure that you can meet this aim. It might be necessary to get a qualified accountant to handle these finances and get people paid in a timely fashion. For a great option, check out Plummer Parsons for good accountants in Brighton

Have a Dedicated HR Team 

The best businesses are not defined by a perfect workflow; they are defined by the way that they respond to any issues that may arise. Employees like to know that their complaints are taken seriously. This means that you definitely need to have a dedicated HR team who are willing to make sure that everyone in the company feels comfortable. It's worth bearing in mind that when it comes to discrimination, perceived or otherwise, based on race or sex, that you should have a HR team who are trained in dealing with these types of issues. 

Court Feedback 

Despite what it might look like on the outside, a professional business is actually one that is self-reflexive. That's why your business should be actively courting feedback from the rest of the team to see how you can improve in various ways. There are a lot of ways to make sure that you are getting good feedback from the rest of your team. You can either put up an anonymous drop box, allowing people to say what they want to be improved in secret, or you can court one-on-one sessions to get properly invested in what your team has to offer. This shows that you are a company that cares about its employees and is dedicated to improving over time. 

Do Customer Research

The best companies always make sure that they understand what their customers need, whether they are working with other businesses or dealing with the public. That's why your business should be doing as much customer research as possible, whether it's taking surveys, running workshops or observing their behavior, in order to make sure that you are adapting your business to adapt to what your customer wants. Without doing this customer research, then you might not be able to communicate with your customers fully. 

Have a Dress Code

While businesses are increasingly becoming less formal in their dress codes, especially with so many people still working from home, it helps to have some standards when it comes to making your business feel like a professional place. While it doesn't mean that you have to mandate suits and ties, you can draw some hard lines when it comes to professionalism, such as making sure that no one turns up in leggings or tracksuits. 


As this guide has shown, there are a few ways that you can maintain a high level of professionalism in your business. The main concept is respect: if you respect your employees and your customers and make sure that you treat them fairly, then your business is more than likely to be a successful venture as a result. 

Technical SEO Sorted: Deep Dive into JetOctopus SaaS Crawler

Technical SEO Sorted: Deep Dive into JetOctopus SaaS Crawler

SEO experts are always in search of a website audit tool that provides insights from various angles. However, with the availability of so many tools in the market, choosing the right one can be an uphill task. 

Don't fret, as we’ll take a look at an excellent and affordable tool that covers all the major SEO areas — it’s called JetOctopus. 

JetOctopus breaks down significant issues in a website and identifies the SEO problems that need immediate attention. This ends the search for experts who are seeking a tool that provides actionable results in less time.

This detailed JetOctopus review will help you decide whether it’s the right tool for you.

What is JetOctopus?

JetOctopus is a content and SEO toolkit that uses a problem-centric approach to analyze website pages and help users identify any technical SEO problems affecting the site's performance. 


Features Of JetOctopus SaaS Crawler

Let’s take a look at some of the key features that make this SaaS crawler stand out amongst its competitors. 

Top-Down Approach 

JetOctopus focuses on the major issue with your website, followed by the more minor problems that contribute to it. There are different categories, and you can choose the issues you need to deal with accordingly. 

The identified issues could be missing metadata, broken links, failed redirects, etc. Availability of more than 150 filters adds to the convenience. Easily select the pages you would like to deal with first. 


Links Explorer Helps Create Balance 

It's crucial to be aware of the usage of inbound and outbound links on your site. A proper balance between the two drastically impacts the performance and ranking of the site.

That's exactly what this feature is for. Not only it helps you understand the number of both these links on your website, but it also enables you to get rid of any broken links that affect your site's user experience and make you lose potential customers.

In-Depth Analysis Of Bot Behaviour

A comprehensive log report makes it easier to analyze badly behaving bots. It gives in-depth information regarding the bots that crawled your web pages. You can identify the web pages that weren’t crawled, the bots that caused issues, etc. 

Having this report enables you to block bots that cause problems. You also get the option of restricting bots to specific web pages. Analyzing this information and taking action is crucial as bots highly affect your website performance. 

Easily Connect With Google Search Console

Track your keyword performance at ease by connecting JetOctopus with your Google Search Console account. 

Identify the pages that bring the most traffic, keywords that help you rank, and other vital information. The categories provided make it easier to analyze and get to the root of the cause quickly. 


Effective Performance Tracking With Crawl Comparison 

Crawl comparison helps in comparing two crawls to analyze website performance in specific durations. This information helps you in understanding the improvement or downfalls that your website experiences. Using this data, you get the idea of what works best for your site, and you can modify it accordingly. 

Responsive Customer Support

Proper assistance is crucial in the initial stages of using the tool. With a responsive live chat feature, you get answers to questions when required. To ensure you can get back to the assistance provided, you receive a transcribed email of the same. 

Key Benefits Of JetOctopus

Let’s move forward with some of the key benefits this SaaS crawler offers. 

User-Friendly Interface

This SaaS crawler provides a bunch of information. Despite the volume, it’s still easy to understand and use. You won’t get confused or lost amongst the pool of vast data. 

To get acquainted with some tools, you need time, effort, attention, and sometimes training. But this tool is user-friendly, and every information is broken down into categories for better understanding. 

You don’t have to be an expert in the field to use this tool. After visiting the dashboard, you clearly understand the more significant problem and the smaller ones associated with them. 

The page speed report helps you quickly identify the pages on your website that aren’t performing well. Since it is a crucial factor in your ranking, it’s vital to improve it at the right time. 

The acquired data is neatly displayed on the dashboard, and the side menu offers filters for convenience. Assembled information followed by easy navigation makes this SaaS crawler tool preferable amongst users. 

Super High Speed 

The task of a SaaS crawler tool is to identify crawling issues hindering a website’s growth. JetOctopus is a cloud-based crawler that is super fast at performing its task. It can read up to 250 pages per second, making it one of the fastest crawling tools.

Most crawlers can take up to an hour to finish the audit. But with JetOctopus, you receive an email within minutes informing you about the completion of tasks. 

Your computer’s power is free as it’s a cloud-based crawler. Other crawlers rely on the computer or laptop’s power to crawl through websites. This adds to the convenience if you are simultaneously working on various projects. 

Effective Content Analysis 

In-depth content analysis helps in identifying the content that needs modification.  You get information regarding the pages containing images that affect the page speed

This helps in filling the content gap and providing apt content to the users. The manual content analysis could take hours, and you would still miss out on crucial data. This tool easily analyzes multiple web pages at the same time and offers quick results.

Affordable Pricing 

The pricing of JetOctopus varies based on the volume of analysis and module you need. You have three different analytic services to choose from, namely—crawl, log, and GSC visualization. 

There are restrictions associated with each plan, but only on the number of web pages you can crawl, not on the websites. 

Undoubtedly, a perfect blend of three is crucial to improve your ranking in search engines. You have the option of selecting any one or all three if you prefer. 


As you can see above, you either get the option of selecting each module separately or an inclusive package. The inclusive package is cost-effective and comes with everything you require.

All these plans have certain limits associated with them. But there is a different plan for $300 that eliminates some restrictions that the other plans put forth. 

Customize the plans as you prefer and go along enjoying the benefits of the same. Get started with the free 7-day trial to see if it fits your requirements. 

Drawbacks Of Using JetOctopus 

After going through benefits like high speed, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support, let’s look at the other side of using this SaaS crawler. 

Despite its superb functionality, some features are still in beta testing. This makes it hard for users who are stuck at some point. But their customer support is always there to help you deal with any issues. 

Though it has a user-friendly interface, some people still find it hard to use it in the initial stage. The experts in the team are invested in making it more convenient for the users. 

Final Verdict 

In a nutshell, JetOctopus is an excellent tool for all your SEO audit needs. It is one of the fastest and most efficient SaaS crawlers that provides you with enormous data and information to effectively analyze your website. The best part? It’s super affordable to use. 

Get started with the 7-day free trial and explore your website with one of the best SEO audit tools. With time, you will see how the insights provided by this crawler can help you level up your ranking game. 

Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation For Your Small Business in 2021


Small businesses always struggle when it comes to lead generation. Either people don’t know about the small businesses or they don’t trust them. As a result, they need to work hard on strengthening brand awareness and designing lead generation strategies.

The two major strategies to generate leads are inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation. Let’s find out how they differ from one another and what are some of the best lead generation strategies you should incorporate in 2021. 

Inbound Lead Generation

It includes generating leads using the organic method. These are the techniques where you do not need to ask customers directly. For example, organic search, referrals, contact forms, word of mouth, etc.

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation consists of the strategies where you reach out to potential customers who do not necessarily know your product/service. These strategies include cold calling, cold emails, buying emails, trade shows, and more.

Let’s dig deep into some of the top 7 lead generation strategies for your small business. 

#1 Understand the Customers First

I don’t know if anything is more important than understanding your customer. Your ideal customer is the king and is the most valuable asset of your business. Perform detailed research to identify your ideal customers, their interests, and study their psychological and demographic behavior. 

Once you identify your ideal customer in detail, the next step would be to build the buyer personas. When designing a buyer persona, the more detailed you are, the better. Include interests, motivation, and pain points. 

A buyer persona provides a pathway and insight to your company. It helps in designing a seamless product development strategy and allows you to focus on organizational alignment. As a result, you will attract better customers, more visitors, and generate leads. 

#2 Social Media Marketing

According to Global WebIndex in 2021, 53.6% of the world population uses social media which is huge.  The most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

Before you could start social media marketing, it’s important to take time in planning and executing a strategy. You can run different organic and paid campaigns for traffic and leads. 

Social media marketing strengthens brand awareness and generates potential leads for your product. You can nurture these leads into sales to scale your profits. Your social media strategy doesn’t just include regular posting, but you have to study the insights to improve statistics. When someone likes or shares your post they can increase the chances of becoming a potential lead.

#3 Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Never underestimate the power of SEO when it comes to website traffic and lead generation. Search Engine Optimization is one of the top channels to get leads. It is the process of optimizing your website to increase visitors organically.

When people search for related keywords on the search engine, your website should appear on the top list. It will happen only when your website is well optimized. Otherwise, the ranking of the website will get down resulting in fewer visitors. The more traffic you get to the website the higher leads you can get.

For example, a potential customer could be searching for an "exercise machine" if you sell this kind of goods and the SEO of your website is well optimized there will be probably more chances that customers will visit your store and become a lead.

SEO has the potential to drive more customers to your website in other unique ways as well, so you need to make it as good as you can.

You can use different types of software that are available online. They are very helpful to handle your SEO issues and increase more traffic to your website.

#4 User-Friendly Website 

A simple, elegant website will do wonders. User experience is the most important factor today, and a simple website with easy navigation guarantees that. Your website is one of the main touchpoints of your business, and you should design a user-friendly website because it translates into better usability. 

Better website usability allows visitors to find information quickly and easily. Make sure you have a simple home page with easy navigation, attractive product pages, and landing pages. Add infographics to make the pages more interactive. 

If you have an eCommerce site, focus on creating an easy checkout process. The purchasing process should be easy, with a simple "Buy" button that redirects the visitor to the checkout page.

Take time to understand what heatmaps are, and incorporate them into your website optimization for user-friendly. It provides all information about your visitor, what he is looking for, and how much time he spends on your page. 

Heatmaps help you understand the intentions and provide relevant information about your products. You can gather more information about random visitors. Furthermore, you can make strategies to convince these random visitors to become your leads.

#5 Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the top channels to generate potential leads for the long run. Try to build an email list of people who show interest in your products on the website, social media, or any other platform. You can run regular email marketing campaigns for these people.

There is the possibility that most of these people will become your leads. Moreover, they can convert if you properly use email marketing tactics. Although the conversion through email marketing is relatively lesser. But it helps you build loyal customers.

A great way to provide value through email marketing is to give something for free once in a while. For example, you can give menu card mockups for free or give access to an eBook. It allows the subscribers to stick around on your email list for a long time. 

Make sure to use email automation software that can help you design and send emails to the customers depending on the status. You must define which person on the list will get which email. 

For example, a new person on the email list will receive a welcome email while on the other hand, a person who has already bought the product must get a thank you email. Moreover, you can send updates about new products and discounts regularly.

#6 Webinars

Webinars are informative seminars on the web. Through webinars, you can gather people on the internet in one place and give more information about your new product and services.

In those webinars, you can share more beneficial offers with people. You can offer referral prizes, get feedback, give them more discounts for activating new accounts. This tactic can really help you increase leads and potential sales. Moreover, it will spread more brand awareness about your brand and unique way to lead generation. Eventually, it can lead forwards to more sales.

#7 Referrals

Referral marketing is one of the top marketing methods today. You can use referral marketing to get potential leads. Ask your existing customers or users to refer the program to friends and relatives. You can offer rewards for this task. In such a case your existing users become your representatives. They can bring more and more leads by increasing the network.


There are many strategies to generate leads for your small business. You can use any of the lead generation methods for that purpose. Building up a good strategy and investing in your lead generation can bring vast benefits to your company. It doesn’t matter whether you have a startup, small business, or a multi-million dollar business, making consistent efforts for lead generation can increase sales and revenue. 

If you have been struggling with the marketing of your product or services the above tactics will help you thrive. Do you think we have missed any lead generation strategy? Let us know in the comment section below. 

7 Reasons Repurposing Your Content can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

7 Reasons Repurposing Your Content can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Creating a holistic content marketing strategy means constantly producing content without burning yourself out.

The reason we should always pump content is to keep our audience engaged. It also helps you educate your audience, enabling you to turn them into loyal customers.

The only caveat is that content production can be exhausting. That's because you need to plan what content to produce and where you will distribute it. Plus, your content can be a hit or miss.

It is not every day that your content will be viral.

Luckily, repurposing can help reduce the amount of time you need to plan and produce content.

What is Content Repurposing?

Also known as content recycling, it is the process of transforming a piece of content into different formats.

For example, a podcast episode can become a blog post and an audiogram. You can pick the important points from the blog post and turn them into a Facebook and Instagram post. You can also turn that Facebook post into an infographic that you can share on Pinterest.

As such, you only need to plan one topic. And what's great about content repurposing is that different content formats allow you to promote them on various online channels.

How Content Repurposing can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Now that you know how content repurposing works, it is time to find out why you should incorporate it in your marketing strategy:

Maximize Time and Effort

Marketing can be hectic. Hence, you would need a tactic that allows you to make the most of what you do.

This is where content repurposing comes in handy.

As mentioned earlier, you only need to think of one topic. From there, you can transform it into various formats. That's why you can talk about the same thing on different online channels.

Meanwhile, being able to promote your content in different channels allows you to boost your website traffic. That's because those who do not follow you on Instagram can find you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. As such, you are receiving referral traffic from various social media websites.

Build a Cohesive Strategy

Aside from ensuring that you make the most of your content, repurposing also allows you to build a cohesive marketing strategy. That's because it forces you to think in a multi-faceted way.

That's what happens you try to turn a podcast into a blog post into a social media post.

In addition, it makes your marketing strategy appear connected. That's because your audience can see that you are talking about one thing, regardless of what platform you use.

As such, your audience deems that you have a clean content action plan.

Target Different Buying Stages

Aside from promoting your content in various channels, content repurposing also enables you to target different buying stages.

For instance, your blog is for driving brand awareness. On the other hand, your email is ideal for existing customers. Your blog post may also be the last nudge a person needs to buy your product or hire your service.

Whenever you are producing content, consider how you can make it all-encompassing.

Expand Audience Reach

As mentioned earlier, those who do not follow you on Instagram can find you elsewhere if you repurpose your content. As such, your audience is not limited to one channel.

Think of it this way: Not everyone has the time to read long-form content. Some prefer eye-catching infographics, while some would rather listen to a podcast while driving a car.

Simply put, content repurposing allows you to provide the same value. And this is regardless of the content format and distribution channel. 

Hence, you allow your target audience to discover and consume your content in their preferred format.

Boost Online Presence and Credibility

Say you see that almost all your friends are using the same brand of shampoo. Wouldn't you be curious to try that shampoo, too?

The same thing goes with content. If a person sees your content on almost every social media channel, it can spark his curiosity.

This also explains why reputation management service providers, such as SEO Optimizers, bank on content marketing.

The content you produce can help to build and establish your online presence. Meanwhile, content repurposing allows you to keep on creating content without exhausting yourself.

Generate Traction

Imagine this: You spend hours writing a blog post, and you feel proud as you hit the "Publish" button. But since then, you only receive crickets and radio silence.

You feel defeated, right? However, keep in mind that some content does not do well on specific platforms. 

Luckily, content repurposing might be the saving grace you need.

You can take bite-sized information from your blog post and turn it into a social media carousel. You can also stitch these images together to make an infographic.

You might be surprised at how a specific topic can be well-received on Instagram or Facebook.

Who knows? This might be what you need to make your blog post blow up.

Complement SEO Efforts

Lastly, content repurposing allows you to complement your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

For one, promoting your content on different distribution channels allows you to build links. Second, you create more content without the risk of duplicating it.

Lastly, you get to talk about the same topic or niche on different channels. As such, search engine bots can associate your website with relevant keywords.

So, if you have a podcast about Mindfulness practice, it only makes sense that your other content is all about being mindful. When someone googles "Mindfulness," your website will be part of the search result.

This leads to having a robust and credible online presence.


We believe that content repurposing is an excellent way to have a cohesive marketing strategy. That's because it eliminates the need to clamor through your laundry list of content ideas.

Transforming a piece of content in another format enables you to share in a different distribution channel. As such, you can expand your audience reach while building your thought leadership.

Lastly, you can use your time providing the same value regardless of what platform you use.

Popular CDN Services for WordPress and How to Use Them

Popular CDN Services for WordPress and How to Use Them

WordPress websites are dynamic, which isn’t ideal for use with a Content Distribution Network (CDN). Yet the advantages offered by these services are simply too good to pass by. They still offer many benefits, including performance improvement, increased security, and more. 

Whether you’re running a pure content WordPress site or an integrated hosting plan that covers your WordPress, email hosting, storage hosting, or more, a CDN is sure to prove beneficial.

What is a CDN?

CDNs help websites hold and serve caches of their web pages on servers spread across a wide area. When a visitor requests a web page, the CDN server closest to the location starts sending data while waiting for the origin website to provide anything else that isn’t cached.

This system helps improve the visitor experience by starting the page load process more quickly. At the same time, your website doesn’t need to generate the cached content each time a page is requested, allowing it to serve more visitors with the same amount of resources.

5 Popular CDN Services for WordPress

CDNs are platform-agnostic, meaning they’ll work with any website around. There are also many of them, each with varying target markets. Here are some of the best for the WordPress community;


Cloudflare is the best-known CDN service provider among the WordPress community. It serves all levels of websites and includes a free plan suitable for even the most minor operation. Despite that, it’s powerful and has withstood many Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks of staggering size

You’ll find several web hosting providers that integrate Cloudflare CDN as part of their hosting packages. Even if it doesn’t come integrated, Cloudflare is straightforward to implement. All you need is to sign up for an account and provide it with your website URL. Then, replace your domain name DNS entries with those provided by Cloudflare, and it’ll work quietly behind the scenes.

With Cloudflare, you get access to various types of caching, bot detection, DDoS protection, load balancing, and much more. For those who need even more features, their paid plans start from $20/mo.


Sucuri is a well-known cybersecurity company that happens to have a CDN as part of its overall portfolio. The systems required are similar, so they use the equipment to help their customers improve website performance. While their network isn’t as extensive as Cloudflare, it still spans the globe from London to San Jose and Singapore.

The most significant appeal of using Sucuri as your CDN is the high level of security included. It offers highly optimized servers that provide a range of caching options. This CDN is part of the renowned Sucuri WAF that helps prevent hacks and other malicious attacks.

Setting up Sucuri CDN is as simple as adding your website URL to their WAF and changing your DNS records. Then you can tweak settings till you achieve optimal performance for your website. Prices start at $199.99 for basic plans.


KeyCDN is a brand that’s extremely popular among a segment of WordPress website users. It isn’t the most extensively distributed network but still maintains operations through over 40 data centers in 30 countries.

It’s also very beginner-friendly, offering a well-constructed knowledge base that will quickly guide even the wettest greenhorn through the configuration process. The service is pretty fast and has similar security features to most competitors.

A significant appeal of KeyCDN lies in its no-contract, pay-as-you-go business model. That means no long lock-in periods and the potential for smaller websites to get professional CDN coverage at prices that won’t break the bank - from $0.01 per GB of data.


StackPath isn’t entirely unknown to many, but it’s a little bit of an odd duck. They’re undoubtedly competent in networking and security and yet tend to obfuscate things in a lot of technical jargon, possibly alienating a potentially large customer segment.

Still, once you find what you seek on their website, you’ll discover that jargon aside, the service is straightforward to use. It follows a similar DNS replacement model that most other CDNs utilize, so implementation is just a click away.

The dashboard contains many switches and toggles that aren’t complex to navigate, making fine-tuning a breeze. The only challenge to accepting StackPath is their more limited worldwide coverage - most points of presence are in the US.

Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks may not be a name most WordPress users are familiar with, but it isn’t unknown. The problem is that they’ve worked themselves into a very niche space, branding as specialists for streaming and gaming websites.

This specialization is exciting when it comes to dynamic websites like those built on WordPress. For a small segment of users that run specialist sites, Limelight can be a superbly powerful choice of CDN.

It has a massive array of global servers and extremely low latency to support video streaming. Of course, that makes it even less a question regarding other website elements like simple text and images. Smaller players may have an issue, though, as they don’t seem to support low-volume operations easily.

Why You Should Use a CDN for WordPress

CDNs technically cache and serve static web pages. However, this simple action provides multiple benefits, and value-added features on most CDNs extend those benefits even further than simple speed improvements.

Using a CDN for your WordPress websites can;

Help You Save on Bandwidth Costs

Regardless of what kind of hosting you use, bandwidth costs money. Even “unlimited” shared hosting plans are bandwidth capped per most hosting provider’s fair usage policies. CDN can help you get more bang for your buck with their caching capabilities.

The system stores your web page or elements once and serves the same data to multiple visitors. Because of this, you’re saving on potential extra costs and extending the bandwidth capabilities of your WordPress website.

Increase Your Website Security

CDNs often include several components that will increase your website security, such as a Web Application Firewall and bot detection systems. However, the main advantage is that CDN servers are the first things visitors coming to your website will encounter.

Because of this, the CDN servers act as your first line of defense in detecting any traffic that might be malicious. The overall effect is much more significant overall resilience of your website, keeping you and your visitors safer.

Improve Speed and Balance Loads

CDN servers cache your data at multiple locations all over the world. Pages served from closer locations help lowers latency significantly, thereby improving overall performance. If too many requests originate from that location, the CDN will simply pass some to the next closest available server to handle.

Better speeds are essential to the user experience and help improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. At the same time, the request juggling that the CDN does means that your web server doesn’t have to handle quite as heavy loads.

Installing Your CDN on WordPress

CDN installation will often vary depending on the brand you’ve chosen, but most follow the same logic. The idea is to place the CDN servers in front of your website, allowing them to act as the point of contact for potential visitors.

Let’s use Cloudflare to demonstrate how easy this process can be;

1. Sign up and Add Your Website

Once you’ve signed up for a free account, you can log in to your dashboard. Next, click on the “Add a site” button to provide Cloudflare with the URL for your WordPress website. Cloudflare will present you with a range of plans to choose from - the free option is right at the bottom.

Once you’ve chosen your plan, click “Continue.” Cloudflare will scan your DNS records and present you with the entire table it discovers. Verify that these match those of your WordPress website, then click “Continue.”

2. Amend Your DNS Records

Cloudflare will then provide you with two nameservers you need to use. Open the administration panel for your domain name and replace your existing DNS entries with those provided by Cloudflare.

Once you save your changes, Cloudflare will start working on caching your website on its servers worldwide. If you wish, you can fine-tune how Cloudflare works through your account dashboard on their website.

Final Thoughts

CDNs are technical but using them at a basic level isn’t rocket science. Given the many advantages these fantastic tools offer, it would be wise to take advantage of them to boost your performance and visitor experience. If you aren’t sure if they are right for you, sign up for a free plan to see how things work. 

Author Profile

Pui Mun Beh is a digital marketer of WebRevenue. She keeps an eye on the latest digital marketing and social media trends. She loves to travel around the world offline and online. Say hello to her at LinkedIn

How to Improve and Optimize Your Entire Business

How to Improve and Optimize Your Entire Business

Most businesses will always want to improve their service, get more customers and earn more profit. You will require available resources for you to grow and be competitive. Whichever the case, improvement is always the goal. Therefore, you need to lay down strategies to help manage and run your business well. Optimization is one of the new and effective ways to achieve improved operations efficiency. Consider the following strategies to help you free some of the resources and use them on other activities.

1. Go Lean

Lean is an operational philosophy. It focuses on ways that will help in improving the services and products offered to the customers. The philosophy suggests that the more you save on unnecessary spending, the more you will have the capital to do other things. Focusing on your customer's value will guide you and your team on achieving this. Improving and refining these values will help you in achieving perfection. Once you have set your values, you will get a functional movement. Instead of choosing what your customers want, you should wait until they suggest to you their preferences. When you keep doing all these, you attain perfection. Here is where what you will be doing will be valued by your customer.

2. Consider Customer-Centric Thinking

Your customer's experiences are always crucial. Think of their own experiences and think of the companies that will always put their customers first. Mostly it's the attitude of the customers towards your business that always determines your fate. A customer-centric business is always the best. It helps you focus on strategies that will help you embrace your customers and make them smile at your products and services. It is a sure way of attaining success.

3. Forecast

Whichever type of business you are running, every company needs to be able to forecast their demands and also their capability. Most companies do not meet their demands because they are not good at forecasting. Lack of proper forecasting will lead to wasting of money.

4. Go For Old-Fashioned Business-Process Reengineering

Sometimes back, business process re-engineering was among the periodic management on-trend. Most of the companies were reworking their operations to become efficient. As most of the trends go, it has always not been put in action. And still, the ideas are valid. The operational process always develops with time. As conditions change, the companies adapt to more efficient ways. In the end, most companies will have some of the processes not being helpful anymore. However, by re-engineering, the companies can identify some processes that are not helpful and develop effective operations. While doing this, get your employees involved. They may have input on how to better your services.

5. Technology

Optimization is improving your business decision-making by using software that will give you more of what you need. Using guidelines that you set, the software will evaluate billions of potential choices and decide what to do. Most of the software will always bring improvement to your business. For example, using software like CompuTrack sage 300 ERP integration will not only help you in managing your accounting but also helps you in keeping track of your performance.

6. Focus on Quality

Improving the efficiency of your company and reducing wastage will see you giving out quality services and products. Remember, for you to grow your business, you should be able to offer quality services. Always strive for quality rather than quantity.

7. Consider Recruiting Experts

Optimization translates business problems into math problems for the computer to process and solve. However, most of the decisions are not always accurate. Consider recruiting experts that will help in solving some of the problems that computers can't solve. Recruiting and training professionals who can help give solutions on both sides of the situation is crucial. Having strategies is always necessary, but the way you execute them is imperative. Even with all the knowledge, many companies can still fail to perform because of a lack of proper execution.


As a company, ensure to put in place plans that you will execute and see your business growing. Someone once said, "A dream is just a dream, while a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." Work on setting your deadline.

Secrets to Building a Successful Business Website

Main Secrets to Building a Successful Business Website — Relevant in 2021

As any business grows over the years with more and more projects, the paper workflow becomes more difficult and takes longer for company owners. This is the reason for looking for alternative, web-based solutions. We are talking about digitalization, which has more and more covered all areas of our life. Today's consumers want a lot more than visiting big supermarkets or showrooms. They follow the brand experience and try to get the most out of the promotions.

Yet, direct communication with consumers is not the main reason for getting involved in e-commerce. With spreadsheets, real-time editing is usually not available, analysis takes hours. So, a more efficient solution, especially for large companies, is to use tools that automate most processes. We're talking about commercial CMS. Such platforms not only make it easier to do accounting but also make interactions with customers more understandable for both parties.

Artificial Intelligence & Marketing Goals

Automated systems and Artificial Intelligence are at the core of today's marketing. Such aspects should be taken into account by anyone involved in developing a business platform. Many startups in transportation, food delivery, banking are building businesses using sales funnels and AI. It is with such tools that small and medium-sized businesses can be competitive in the conditions of oversaturated markets. Today's  marketing focused on online sales should be structured as follows:

Step 1 Detailed audit of competitors and market segment before developing the website The effectiveness of any site, as well as the entire business, depends on proper planning, determining the target audience, and finding suppliers. 
Step 2 Defining the functionality of the web platform People can choose one of the following options: online store, directory site, corporate website, informational portal, sales funnel. 
Step 3 Choosing a company name and site domain, building an identity At this stage, business owners should hire experienced designers and marketers. It is better not to rely on teams that offer a low price because SERM will cost more for those companies that have negative experience of cooperation with partners.
Step 4 SEO promotion If you intend to promote your site using SEO, then the semantic core is a key tool. Besides, you will have to hire copywriters and SMM specialists  to your team and change your marketing strategy monthly.

Key Benefits of Digitalization

Process automation, as well as the introduction of cryptocurrency, is the main trend in marketing. As a result of digitalization, invoices, bank statements, and reports are processed without user intervention. When there is any discrepancy or, for example, exceeding the estimated budget, CEOs and line managers will be notified. In this case, it will be necessary to react and take action. However, such participation will be as minimal as possible. Thus, CEOs will have no routine and can be involved in more important matters. You can verify that this works by visiting the  ICOholder website. This project has been actively developing in recent years thanks to the introduction of advanced digitalization tools.

Principles of Building Commercial Web Resources & Process Automation 

Firstly, business owners need to determine for what purpose the site is being created. Of course, in most cases, it’s about commercials. But people can choose an online store or an e-catalog, a corporate site, or a landing page. If we are talking about aspiring entrepreneurs, then the financial benefits from the implementation of IT systems should not be underestimated. In this case, automated accounting should be kept on an ongoing basis. When all workflows are in one system, it is possible to analyze data in detail. Key aspects to consider:

  • Optimizing processes when preparing budgets
  • Exclusion of subjective analytics and unreliable reports
  • Simultaneous access to data for specialists with different levels of permissions
  • Prevention of loss of documents, errors, and other incidents
  • Backup of all data with possible recovery

After choosing a web-based solution and creating the design, be sure to audit the importance and value of the information that is supposed to convey to the reader how interesting, popular and unique it is on the Internet. Without the right content, owners of shops, cafes, restaurants, and other businesses are unlikely to achieve the desired visit rates and target audience growth.

Branding & Customization

Branding is one of the traditional tools in developed markets that ensure an additional increase in the dynamics of product sales. So, when creating a website, it is very important to do customization. The brand competition is an important chain increasing the recognition of the following types of goods: food, furniture, household items, garden and vegetable garden items, etc. In this respect, the benefits are tangible for each of the partners, including the supplier and manufacturer. With the right strategy and clear guidelines, it is much easier for middle managers to convey information to their partners and subordinates. People who are involved in e-commerce will have to create the following one way or another:

  • Logo, favicon, identity
  • Infographics and  brochures for buyers
  • Banners and pictures for Google Ads 
  • Materials for promotion through social networks
  • Documents for email newsletter

The increase in the volume of products sold in retail chains is achieved through the introduction of design solutions for packaging and advertising materials. Experienced marketers, designers, and other professionals are part of the staff of most supplier companies. With their help, it will be possible to achieve long-term goals. 

Take into account all the nuances that may motivate future buyers to choose your brand. This can be the position regarding ecology, green energy, and other things. It is important to carefully and consciously create a strategy by analyzing the goals, purpose, relevance of the business in the region or country. Be sure to blog this information on your site.

Support Service

Given that most manufacturers do not have their own retail outlets, it is justified to turn to intermediaries. The same goes for customer support. The involvement of third-party operators is especially important for the food industry, services, and the banking sector. If you are building a website to sell products or customer service, keep in mind that the consumer is expecting the following:

  1. Availability 24/7
  2. Operator response within hours
  3. The ability to receive a reply in the chat, by phone, or by mail

If people run a big business, they will have to hire a team of marketers and operators. But this is not an uncontested solution. In recent years, chatbots and AI have become more and more relevant. So, every entrepreneur can save money by implementing a more effective solution.

In Summary

Beginning entrepreneurs one way or another will have to spend money on process automation. Without this, business is unlikely to be competitive and efficient. Using the accounting software minimizes the risk of errors such as repeated payments that cannot be settled, for example, due to expired billing dates. Real-time control is the main advantage of automation. If financial and accounting processes are out of order on a day-to-day basis, such monitoring will be ineffective. So, any digitalization will bring real financial benefits. It’s the ability to make informed business decisions without waiting for detailed reporting. But it also depends on what strategy you choose for building sites. Therefore, people should be especially meticulous.