Choosing Web Hosting for your Website: Considerations

Choosing Web Hosting for your Website: Considerations

Choosing web hosting for your website is an important decision in bringing out the best of your business. There are many different things to consider, and the article will help outline those considerations.

For instance, we'll discuss how you can choose between shared hosting vs. dedicated servers. We'll also talk about what types of websites might need one more than the other.

Each type of business has its own needs when it comes to web infrastructure, so this article should help you make that determination as well!

Type of Server

Among the different factors to consider for your self-hosted website, the server type should be at the top of your list.

There are four types of web host servers to choose from:

  • Shared Hosting - Type of web server where multiple websites share the same webspace and bandwidth. Since all sites are hosted on the same physical machine, it's easy to manage them all from one location.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) - This is an excellent hosting option for a self-hosted website as you'll get the physical hardware to create multiple virtual servers.
  • Managed Hosting - A provider takes care of the infrastructure, security, and performance of your website. This way, you do not need to worry about the technicalities of running a website as you just focus on growing it.
  • Cloud Hosting - Similar to managed web hosting, your website will be hosted on remote servers. This makes it easier for companies to scale for growth.

Based on the descriptions above, shared hosting is the ideal choice for brand-new websites. In addition, because you’re sharing the server with other sites, the cost of maintaining it is divided among site owners, making it the most affordable option among server types.

On the downside, you have to be more vigilant about security and protection — if one of the sites in the shared server gets infected, there’s a good chance that your site will, too unless you have security measures in place (more on this later).

In the long run, managed WordPress hosting is the best way to go. You provide visitors with the best performance for your website and get to focus on growing your business instead of dealing with the intricacies of web hosting and site management.

Server Speed

Server speed matters the most when hosting a website because faster servers support better performance and increased user experience.

This is evident more than ever now that Google has turned its Core Web Vitals into a ranking factor. This score computes the site’s overall performance, with speed being one of its most crucial factors.

Understanding how server speed works boils down to its bandwidth, which refers to the number of devices it can handle per second. The higher the number of users on a server at the same time, the slower it will be for everyone to access information from their browser.

To find out how much speed your website needs, you should consider these factors:

  • How often do people visit your site?
  • What kind of content does your site have, and what services are offered in that content?
  • Do you offer downloads or videos with high-quality audio or video streams?"

There's no one size fits all solution for deciding on hosting because every company has different offerings. 

But, shared hosting is the lowest-performing among the four because you’re sharing your server with other sites regarding server types. So if a site gets a boost in traffic, the server puts more of its resources into managing that site’s bandwidth, thus compromising the performance of other sites on the same server.

Therefore, once your site accumulates thousands of daily traffic, you need to upgrade your site to any three server types above.

Also, another way to provide efficient loading times to visitors is by using a content delivery network (CDN). It is an extensive distributed system of servers that deliver content to end-users from the nearest server available. 

For example, if your visitor is from Asia, the CDN will load the site from its server in Asia (or nearest to it) to the end-user. Due to the proximity of the server to the visitors, the page will load much faster compared to loading it from the server of your web host, which may not be in Asia.

There are different CDN providers to choose from that’ll help improve your site’s performance. But among the solutions available, Cloudflare offers a better visitor experience with your website and apps at no cost to you. It’s best to try this CDN first and see how much more efficient your site will be after using it.


Web security is an issue that should not be overlooked when choosing web hosting. It ensures that your business, information, and customers are protected from threats such as DDoS attacks and spam.

There are many ways you can keep your site secure, and using HTTPS and SSL is the most basic of them all.

You will know if a site is secure when it has a padlock icon on the address bar just before the site’s URL.

To obtain this, you need to purchase a certificate from a site like and install it on your website.

However, most web hosting providers bundle in the certification for free, so you can skip the previous step and follow the instructions of your web hosting regarding SSL.

Also, if you're running your site on WordPress, you need to use security plugins to provide an extra layer of protection to it.

While WordPress is one of the best CMS out there, it's prone to hacking.

You should also consider how fast your website loads and what level of protection it has against spam attacks when choosing web hosting.

Finally, aside from improving performance, a CDN like Cloudflare fortifies your site with its Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS protection features, among others.


Nobody likes a site that is always down or isn’t reliable.

At the same time, there’s no such thing as a site that’s 100% available at all times.

Therefore, you must strike a balance between making your site as available as possible while keeping in mind that there will be times during the year when it won’t be. This is because hosting providers must manage their servers to keep them in tip-top shape and provide peak performance for all their hosts.

When choosing a web host, you need to consider its uptime, which refers to the amount of time your web hosting service stays up and running. 

High uptime means visitors can access your website at any given moment without problems, thus ensuring high customer satisfaction.

There are a few different ways to measure uptime, including availability and response time. Uptime is typically measured in days or hours of service provided per month that some hosts can provide, while others may only guarantee around 99% or even as high as 99.999%.

Ask web hosting providers their respective uptimes to help you decide which among them will offer you the best performance.

Customer Support

If your site is now generating lots of traffic, expect to encounter more issues with it because there’ll be more visitors who will voice out their concerns about not accessing your website for a variety of reasons.

This rings true even if you’re using the best web hosting platform available.

For a problem like this, the web host’s customer support is here to the rescue.

Their goal is to help you make the pain go away by fixing any issues your site has. 

However, this is only possible if they meet the criteria of adequate customer support listed below:

  • 24/7 availability or at least during the weekdays.
  • Can be reached in various channels: phone, live chat, email, etc.
  • Quick to respond (ideally within minutes)
  • Provides real solutions to issues, not just sends you a link to their knowledge base without truly understanding the problem.

While these may be a tall order for most customer support teams, consider the scenarios if your website issues don’t get solved.

If the site is down due to server issues and the customer support can’t be reached for help, expect to deal with lost traffic and revenue.

Worse, if your site is unavailable because it was hacked, sensitive information about you and your customers may be stolen and shared with the public!

Therefore, make sure that the web host has a good track record with its customer support so you can feel at ease that they’ll help you with any issues you encounter.

Ease of Use

Web hosting can be a technical ordeal, and it's important to know that you're in good hands. The best web hosts will have an easy-to-use interface which makes all the difference between getting frustrated or having fun while building your website!

If you're worried about a complex, time-consuming process to set up your website, it's best to go with a web host that has a one-click install for WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular content management software, and it allows you to have custom HTML pages without having any coding experience or skills. 

For beginners, self-hosted websites with WordPress available from popular web hosting providers are an excellent option for people who don't want to invest time learning how to code their website.


When choosing the right web hosting for your site, you want to make sure that it meets all of your requirements. However, you also need a host who can meet your budget and one with enough features not to hinder future growth when your site starts generating more traffic or needs better performance.

By following the tips outlined above, you can be sure to build trust from your audience and generate as much traffic as you to convert into customers or clients!

Significance of User Experience in Digital Marketing in 2021

Significance of User Experience in Digital Marketing in 2021

Advertising in the pre-internet days used to be carried out through channels like television, newspaper, billboards. Brands also built characters around products to create the semblance of connection between brands and viewers. Famous faces were roped in to sell everything right from cigarettes to cars. Products and characters began to go hand in hand on television be it the famous Vodafone Zoo-Zoos or the Amul girl. But slowly and steadily, what the consumer wanted was getting out of focus and what brands wanted to sell was given utmost importance. But as the world was introduced to the internet and events like the dot com bubble, the internet spread across continents in no time. And with the internet, the consumers became aware of the offerings and started making informed decisions. Also, the traditional marketing came with its own set of cons like it was heavy on pockets for small businesses, there was a need of printing the brochures, business cards, the exact reach and frequency of such campaigns also could not be known. 

This is when digital marketing came into being. With Google getting more than 77,000 searches per second, the brands must hop in the train of digital marketing which provides them with the pros like low cost even for small businesses, easy to measure and adjust precise targeting, brand development etc. 

Relevancy has become an important term in the digital marketing era. Every bit of content that the consumer consumes today has to be relevant. User experience or UX as it is popularly called is equally important. All the perfect and relevant content is of no use if the user experience is not that good. While advertising their brand, marketers usually focus on just the digital marketing campaigns thus neglecting a rather vital component of the campaign success – the User Experience. These two are interlinked and may not be effective if one of them is absent. Brands might create the best digital campaigns but may lose out on customers and fail to generate conversions owing to a not-so-good user experience. So, over the years, brands have invested a lot of time and attention in tweaking UX. We will now discuss what significance UX in digital marketing holds in 2021.

A positive user experience leads to customer satisfaction.

Improving the customer journey is said to increase customer satisfaction by 20% and can also lift the revenue up by 15%. A positive UX is also said to lower the cost of serving customers by about 20%. 

Brands must ensure that user experience is as smooth and consistent as possible like this in every way affects how consumers interact with your company. Hence user experience becomes an important factor to build a relationship with the customers. Making the website relevant and a useful marketing tool leads to conversions and hence user experience becomes a vital component of the success journey. A positive UX boosts customer satisfaction which in turn makes them happy and they may share their experiences. This is also the best way to differentiate your product from the competitors. 

Good User Experience improves SEO.

What impacts SEO is that the importance of UX makes SEO better. Users tend to stick around your website exploring your content more often if the UX is great thus decreasing the bounce rate. Google gives greater preference to the website’s user experience than you think. The lower bounce rate due to impressive UX gives Google an indication that the website is full of relevant content as the user is exploring instead of bouncing off and that the website has relevant content as per the user’s search intent. UX and SEO go hand in hand as they both share the common goal of providing the users with information relevant to their queries. To get the user experience on right track from an SEO point of view, brands can align their UX and SEO strategies, focus on designs that fit SEO principles, invest in responsive web design, simplify navigation, focus on quality etc.

User Experience helps build Conversions.

Good conversion rates mean more sales and revenue and that is why strategies of brands should revolve around developing better UX. Including a video on the landing page, the call to action button placement, website speed and readability are some of the things when implemented, can help boost the sales for a brand. A friendly UX would mean a user spends a good time exploring the website to find even more information. And thus the UX will guide the user to conversion. 

Moreover, around 80% of the users search for an alternate website if the website they landed on doesn’t provide them with the experience they were looking for. User-friendly websites have a visitor to conversion rate twice as compared to a poorly designed site. And by this effective landing page design, brands increase customer satisfaction and hence conversions. 

E.g. for an eCommerce website, it all depends upon how the website has designed its product detail pages for a smooth user experience. Everything right from the buy now button to the availability of the sellers matter for them. To ace in this field, brands are turning to 3rd party eCommerce development and ecommerce support providing companies so that it’s a win-win situation both for the brand and the customer.

Content is equally vital to user experience. The best way in which you can convey your message to your customers is by publishing content that is engaging, relevant and crisp. Well-crafted content optimized for SEO proves beneficial for user experience. 

With all this said, there is no set rule or magical formula to ace in conversions. In the ever-competitive race for getting the customers to like what you have to offer, brands need to experiment by mixing and matching their digital marketing strategies while also making sure of the best possible user experience. This way they can stay ahead of the competition, spend less on advertising and can see the revenue flowing in!

Author Bio:

A creative and passionate mobile application enthusiast with over 7 years of experience in providing IT solution across various industries. Nitesh Behani is the Co-Founder of Magneto IT Solutions, a full service of Mobile App Development in the USA, India, and Bahrain. He has experience in delivering more than 100+ project ranging from web technologies to mobile application technology.

Get more traffic and conversions with these 2 content marketing tactics

Your content needs to benefit your readers.

It needs to fit into their search intent in a marketing sense.

But even more importantly…

It needs to fulfil their needs. And not in the “Eat, Pray, Love” meaning of the word.

Instead, the idea is that any given potential customer, client or contact who comes across your site has some sort of job to be done. 

And you need to help them do that job.

So, how exactly do you do that?

You can educate your readers. Or you can give them something they can put to use today. 

This article gives you 2 concrete content strategies that work across most industries. 2 strategies that are proven SEO winners and that could easily fill out your content calendar. 

We will introduce the strategy to you, tell you exactly how to start doing it step by step and finally give you an example or two of it in practice.

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Educate your readers with a dictionary or FAQ

It’s an age old self-evident truth in the SEO community that longer content is better.

But it’s not really a universal truth. Granted, it’s often correct. However, for many search queries it’ll actually drive readers away.

Because the length of a given content piece depends on the searcher’s intent.

If you’re searching for something with a simple answer, you don’t want to read 1000 words of copy before getting to the point.

Now, in your industry and specific niche, there’s probably a lot of those kinds of questions with simple answers. So we need to address it with content that matches up to it. 

A good way to do it is by writing a dictionary/glossary or an FAQ.

Unclear? Here’s a couple of examples.

Moz has an all-in-one one page glossary of tons of niche SEO terms. That’s one of the forms it can take. 

But you don’t need to be a SaaS company to take advantage of it. Here’s an example of one in the fashion world. 

What makes it work?

  • It hits a lot of long-tail search terms that are otherwise hard to rank for
  • You look like a subject matter expert
  • It can be used as sales or customer service collateral
  • It’s ripe for featured snippet territory on Google
  • It is easily expandable and writing a term up takes very little time. In fact, you could challenge yourself to write 2 a day in 30-60 minutes. That’s 500+ terms a year.

How to get started?

  • Start by brainstorming all the questions and niche terms of your industry and put them together in a document.
  • Now use a tool like Ubersuggest or Ahrefs to find related keywords.
  • You can also use Google Trends or “People Also Ask” on Google to find more.
  • Gather all the terms in a document and get to writing. Aim for at least 20 to begin with and add new terms as you figure them out. 
  • It can be set up as a single page or a collection of URL’s linked to from one master page. 

Create useful assets for links and conversions

We’ve just touched upon a more passive inbound strategy. The dictionary or FAQ play will give you a lot of traffic utilizing the awesome power of long tail search queries.

The next tactic revolves around providing direct use value to readers. That will give you conversions (often of the soft kind) and can help capture some of that delicious link juice floating around the internet.

The idea is simple: create a digital asset that your potential customers or users can use. If you create something good enough, that will naturally accrue external backlinks.

For SaaS companies, create something that helps users accomplish a job central to the function of your software. Legaltech company Contractbook has for example provided a ton of contract templates that can be used with their software or downloaded as PDFs.

Attach it to a form requiring an email or other data to get that conversion funnel revved up.

For ecommerces, guide your users to your products. A classic example is ASOS’s massive size guide site. This one has about 350 incoming links at time of writing.

You can also do something similar by supplying free digital copies of manuals or guides to setting up. 

What makes it work?

  • Helping your users or customers invokes an element of reciprocity, a classic social influencing tactic. Because you’ve helped them “for free”, they’re inclined to feel better about you
  • It can reduce uncertainty about your product which leads to more conversions
  • It attracts links because it’s concrete and often universally usable… even your competitors might link to it! 
  • If it’s attached to a sign up, it’s a way to get more emails for direct marketing purposes
  • It can also be used as sales or customer service collateral
  • It makes you look like a subject matter expert

How to get started?

  • Think about the core of your business. What does it help people do?
  • Now, think up usable assets that can either increase engagement with the product (contract templates for a document automation platform) or reduce uncertainty around it (The issue with online shopping is not knowing whether the clothes will fit).
  • Produce the assets and make sure they are featured centrally on your landing pages and product pages. 
  • Consider reaching out to others so they might link to it

Rounding up

I hope this served as inspiration for your content marketing efforts. Trust me, I know what it feels like to stare at the empty content calendar. Luckily, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

How To Check The Keywords Position For Your Site? [Updated]

When you are running an online website, it’s very obvious you are going to ask about the most profitable digital marketing tips. And among the valuable digital marketing tips, which are the most effective? Yes, you pick up the correct term. The content is the king, and the keyword is the crown of the king.

For every digital marketer and website handler, the keywords are more worthy than all. And what keywords are going to work out for them? Because every page is individual, and these pages are qualifying the ranking positions on the basis of the different types of keywords density. 

Like the keyword density, the keyword’s positions are also crucial. Because from the keywords positioning, you are getting the idea currently where you have been standing in respect to the search engines.

How Is Keyword Position Monitoring Going To Help Your Site?

Your website or client’s website among these all types of websites ranking factors are essential. Like the right keywords and the density of the keywords are affecting your page position in the search engine.

 For example, when you are opening up a handyman service page. If you do not use the keywords handyman service near me, your service page is never going to be at the top of the search engine. Along with that, you have to do the page optimization also for getting a better result.

And for determining the keyword positioning now, many tools are available online. Along with the tools. Most of the digital markers and the entrepreneurs are sharing their views about the utilization of the tools.

How To Check The Keywords Position For A Website?

When you want to check your keywords positions, the online tools are the most effective ones. Google itself has various types of keywords checker tools. From these tools, you get to know how the keyword’s positions will affect your page ranking.

Here is the name of the top seven effective keyword position checker tools.

1. Google Rank Checker Tool 

Google position tool is google’s own tool. You just have to type the google rank checker in the google search bar. And you get the excellent keyword rank checker tool. From that page, you have to enter your site’s URL and keyword or keyword phrase. 

Then you have to choose the area where you want to check, then you have to submit your query. Google is going to ask you easy captcha questions before submission. And you get your report within just a few seconds.

2. MOZ

MOZ is now ruling the digital marketing world.MOZ keyword checker is counting as the most popular keyword rank checker tool.MOZ is a powerful rank tracking tool. All you need to do is type MOZ from your search engine. 

And when you are adding the MOZ in your search engine. MOZ is going to show the website rank along with its search result. So when you are adding the MOZ in your search engine, you can see each ranking of the page.

3. SERPs

SERP is an open-source keyword rank checker tool. You can search the keywords ranking of the site from global location wise. When you are entering into the home page of the SERP.  

The SERP home page is going to ask you from which domain you want to search the keyword. The biggest facility is you can simply search the keywords of your GPS location bases. So these keyword checker tools are very effective for the local service providing companies.


Ahref is another good choice of tool for keyword rank checking. Along with the keywords positions, you can simply check all the backlinks and from this tool. Your competitor’s analysis is going to be more accurate.

 Ahrefs is giving a very accurate result.But this tool is not a free tool. You have to purchase the subscription then you can search the keywords. Ahrefs is going to be the most effective digital marketing keyword checking tool.

5. SEMRush

Like Ahrefs, Semrush is also a very popular tool among digital marketers..SEMRush is an all-in-one tool. From this one tool, you can check the backlinks of any domain. And you search any short of keywords from these tools local to global any type of keywords positions you can analyze.

Ahrefs and SEMRush both run the audit of any website. This means you can daily check your SEMrush positions. And after monitoring the positions, your work will be more simple.

6. Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa rank checker is a little bit different from these five. When you are using the Alexa Rank Checker, you can easily find what type of audiences are going to visit your page. This tool is more like an analytical tool.

From this tool, you get an idea about what type of traffic will visit your page and their scope of interest. After getting this data, your content creation will be a little bit easy. When you see it for the first time, you get to know where you are standing.

Wrapping It Up:

These six tools are the most common tools used to check the keyword’s positions along with the backlinks cheeks. Like these six tools, many tools are also available online. But if you want to get the most accurate result, do not go for the free tools. 

The free tools do not always give you the exact desired result. Because when you are doing the online business, these tools are the most valuable assets for you. So what is your opinion about keyword positioning? Do not forget to share your experiences with us.

Author Bio: 

Jais Frank is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. He is the co-founder of

Gossipment and Lawyers Inventory. He contributes to many authority blogs such as Tour and Travel and Dream and Travel.

How to Scale your SaaS Business in 2021

How to Scale your SaaS Business in 2021

Want to scale your business? Growing your business needs proper planning to target your audience and increasing the value of your products. A SaaS business should concentrate on finding an issue and how their service solves the problem during the pre-start-up period. Bear in mind that there are many phases in the lifecycle of a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) provider.

One of the most searched market prospects is a software as a service. In this fast-paced market, people searching for their next service job or even their next business plan will gain useful skills and experience. Let us see some of the growth hacking tips to scale your SaaS businesses.

Awareness About Your Product/Business

Users must be knowledgeable of the product in order for it to expand exponentially. And having access to a world-class college programme will benefit. Create excitement about your product on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Create Social media accounts and run with company ideas, product types, updates about new features or new products.

APIs for 3rd incorporation are available on many of the main social media platforms. It's basically fairly simple to integrate the product with your users' most popular social media platforms with a little thinking. You should make it incredibly simple for customers to refer their mates to your product at the most fundamental level.

Transparent Blogging

Blogs about your company will highlight your company’s product and its service for your customers. Before buying any product or service many people go through reviews and product details before buying it. Writing product blogs can help your company to be transparent towards your customers.

The blog for your business is the most powerful platform for ensuring accountability. You should frequently blog about trends and activities in your own market, as well as taking a buyer persona-oriented, problem-solving attitude to blog.

Create an FAQ Section

Creating an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section can really help out to take customer reviews, queries. Reviewing and answering the queries will build trust factors within the client owner relationship. Ensure that everybody on the staff is keeping track of all the queries clients and prospects ask them during the day, and maintain a running total of how many times they're listed. The most often asked questions will then be added to your FAQ page.

For each FAQ getting its own page, there's a better chance for sites to score well in organic search results like Google's. It also cuts down on the amount of time the sales/customer support reps waste answering the same queries and builds confidence, which leads to further conversions.

Use of Referral Code Technique

User referrals can be a very effective way to expand the user base. You will maximise your viral coefficient and work towards a turning point of explosive growth by optimising your referral method. Using the referral code technique can gradually help you to invite more customers from referrals. This is one of the best techniques to increase customer base and sales. Customers getting discounts on customer referral can increase chances of more invitations and referrals. 

New Product or Update

You must give people a good excuse to give you their email address if you wish them to join your mailing list.

The ability to access your blog's contents is a strong excuse, but your readers might get the same advantage by viewing your site once a week. We need to give them an exclusive deal to increase conversions. The content update popup appears in this situation.

Using blog subscription pop-ups to advertise exclusive content instead of the regular blog content. Create exclusive guides and tools for blog readers only, and watch the conversion rates soar.

 Suitable Partnership with other Businesses

Nothing beats a big discount to get people in the door. By collaborating with other SaaS companies, you can combine your advertising efforts and develop a compelling package of discounted services.

You will draw a lot of targeted traffic to your company by working with similar (but not competing) companies, and giving them a good reason to sign up with you.

For Eg:- Apple-Mastercard, Uber- Spotify.

Combine Your Product With Social Media APIs

APIs for third-party incorporation are available on many of the main social media platforms. It's basically fairly simple to integrate the product with your users' most popular social media platforms with a little thinking.

You can make it pretty simple for users to refer their friends to your service at a most basic level, but with a little ingenuity, you can also use your software to build user groups, post user-generated content and awards , and even simplify the signup process by integrating social media data.

  Improve pricing Strategy

Discounting will be integrated into the price system of most SaaS companies, and it will be used as an additional mechanism for closing important transactions. Importantly, data on the amount and types of discounts you offer will help you fine-tune and develop your pricing plan.

You can figure out how successful the current price is by looking at which of your pricing levels provides the most and least discounts. You should lift the price without protest (or lack of sales) if one of your selling tiers generates 0 discounts; if another produces a hundred discounts, you'd be better off lowering the price.

Try these hacks for your business growth. Do comment down your personal hack of increasing your SaaS business.

Author’s Bio:

Hardeep Singh Is The Founder of Skyracle indian IT Company.

IIT Kharagpur Speaker, Growth Hacker, Startup, and Digital Marketing Consultant having more than 10 years of experience. He played a key part in developing online marketing strategies for many startups/businesses and increasing their annual revenue by more than fourfold. Follow on Linkedin

Best Ways To Successfully Market Health and Wellness Products

Best Ways To Successfully Market Health and Wellness Products

Do you have a great product that would benefit many people if you could just get the word out? Building a marketing campaign to promote a product can be a confusing and involved process, but if you know the main steps to take, you can create a successful strategy. Follow these tips to promote your health and wellness products and build a lasting business. 

Know Your Product

Before you can get started selling your product to others, you need to know everything about it. Be honest and completely truthful. Your future customers are trusting you to help them improve their health.

You should know exactly which ingredients are used to make your product, and where they are sourced from. For example, if you are offering a red superfood powder, which fruits and berries are used in the formula? Were any pesticides used in the growing of these plants? How were they harvested and processed? These are all questions that your customers deserve to know the answer to. Health is an important topic, and everyone should be aware of what they are putting into their body. 

What will your product offer? What results can someone expect to see? This is the foundation of your product and the basis for your success. You need to do testing and trials to discover the typical results that will be seen. Let your customers know what dosage to take and how long they should expect to take the product before noticing any difference. 

Offer Quality

Quality is necessary to build a good brand that has a loyal following. Source your ingredients and products from reputable places and know exactly what goes into each product so you can guarantee that only quality ingredients are used.

Inferior quality may be a little less costly, but you will lose out in the end. Your customers want the best possible product, and when you deliver that, you will have success.

Know Your Target Audience

Consider who you are going to market your product to. This is a good practice to help you form the best marketing strategy. It's best to start with a target audience and expand from there once you build interest in the product.

Build a Great Website

Digital sales are a huge part of almost any business these days. If you truly want to be a success, then you need a good website where your customers can go to get information and make purchases. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly to offer the same great experience from a mobile device as from a desktop or laptop computer.

Your website should be easy to navigate to find the desired information. Organize your site for ease of use and always include contact information for your customer service department. Treat your customers well and do your best to provide them with the answers they need upfront and respond quickly to any questions or concerns. 

Give Detailed Descriptions

For every product that you offer, you should have a thorough item description. Post these on your website and train your staff to be knowledgeable about everything that you sell. Include basic information such as ingredients, dosage, possible side effects, and contraindications. 

Give a basic overview of what the product is meant to accomplish and how the customer can reasonably expect to feel and react to taking it. Be honest and thorough in your descriptions.

Focus on Quality Images

Vivid and true images are another main feature of your website and any marketing campaign that you begin. Take great photographs of your products that show the packaging and the product itself. Focus on capturing the colors and textures so your customers know what to expect. Use natural light when possible, but always be sure that your product is well-lit and not obscured by shadows or blurred images.

Showcase Testimonials and Results

A wonderful thing to feature on your website is testimonials from past customers talking about the results they achieved with your product. Feature these product reviews in a prominent place that can be easily found. Customers love to hear what others before them have experienced. 

Use Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool to help you launch a digital marketing campaign. You can easily create a business account to post frequent updates on new products, discounts and sales that are running, and exciting new features and developments. 

Interact with others on social media. Get involved in the community to bring greater awareness to your brand. Social media is also a fantastic way to reach a broader customer base at little to no cost. You can communicate with people from all over without the expense of pricing paper advertising that has limited reach. 

Send Emails

Emails are a simple way to stay in touch with your customers and reach out to potential new ones. Create an email mailing list that people can sign up for to hear about your latest product developments. You can send out a newsletter every so often that contains all the newest information about your business and product line.

Your emails can focus on highlighting a specific product to draw attention to its uses and value. Try offering a coupon code to those who make a purchase through your website or by referencing the email. 

Consider Influencers

Most people have an online presence these days and spend time each day scrolling through social media and following people of interest to them. One of the best ways that you can market your health and wellness products is by finding a social media influencer who resonates with the products you are selling. Make contact with those that you find appealing and arrange for them to showcase your product on their channel or platform. Influences already have an established audience that you can reach by working with them.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started with marketing your wellness product, but the options are endless. All forms of advertising are good for business, but remember to focus on a digital campaign to keep costs down and reach more people. 

What will Influencer Marketing look like in 2022?

What will Influencer Marketing look like in 2022?

The 2019 global pandemic crisis brought an upside-down shift in the world. From schools to offices, everything shifted online and social distance compelled people even more towards social media.

With up to 240 new social media websites, a rise in the popularity of influencers has also been noticed. Influencers reaped the benefits of their constant hard work and started to get more acknowledgment. 

Brands turned their faces towards big guns of social media, aka influencers on different digital platforms, and collaborated with influencers for product promotions and ad campaigns. 

The trend of a paid partnership between brands and influencers took a new turn in 2020, and the influencer marketing budget jumped from 1.7 billion $ to a whopping 9.7 billion $ within five years. 

It is believed that this trend is not stopping any time soon, and the estimated figure for influencer marketing in 2022 is 15 billion $.

Why brands need Influencer marketing?

Despite having huge fan followings, celebrities are not considered the only option for brands when it comes to marketing their products. Rather, brands now prefer social media influencers and digital content creators for this purpose. 

Celebrities are not approachable for smaller brands and local businesses, whereas influencers are readily accessible. Additionally, the general public relates more to influencers due to their cordial lifestyle; therefore, products recommended by influencers are heavily sought after by their followers. 

Grouping of influencers

Influencers are categorized according to their followers, and they charge roughly around 20% of the number of followers they have for brand promotion. For instance, an influencer with 10,000 followers will charge 200$ for a post. 

Brands classify influencers as;

  • Micro-influencer- those who have less than 15,000 followers
  • Regular-influencer- between 15,000 and 50,000 followers
  • Rising-influencer- between 50,000 and 100,000 followers
  • Mid-influencer- between 100,000 and 500,000 followers
  • Macro-influencer- between 500,000 and 1,000,000 followers
  • Mega-influencer- more than 1,000,000 followers

An influencer marketer goes through the timelines of various influencers and selects one according to the budget, target audience, and niche of the brand to increase the brand's sales. 

If you have a start-up or an established business and you are looking for influencer marketing managers, we suggest you hire professionals via buzzguru

Influencer marketing trends in 2022

If you are looking for a rising career, jump into influencer marketing without a second thought. Either be an influencer or learn influencer marketing strategies and sell your skill to people who want e-commerce marketing managers. 

Rapid growth is expected in influencer marketing in 2022 as well, and you may get to observe the following trends;

Influencers as brand ambassadors- Marketing agencies will focus more on forming long-term paid partnerships and collaborations with influencers instead of hoping over different faces so that an influencer becomes the brand's identity. 

Influencers may start sharing equity in profits generating from their public reach. Brands demand prompt results, and influencers who would be able to provide effective sales through their content will have a chance to win the brand's trust. 

Videos will have more value- Influencers who are considered as a maestro in making high-quality videos grab more opportunities. This trend will keep growing in 2022 as well, and marketing agencies will hire influencers to run campaigns for them via videos, reels, IGTVs, or TikTok. 

People prefer watching a video over reading a long post; therefore, professional-quality videos will trend more. 

Every influencer will get attention- If an influencer works hard and grows organically, business opportunities do come regardless of the number of followers. 

Micro and nano influencers will get attention as well because the engagement rate on micro and nano influencer's pages is often more than mega influencers. 

More influencer marketing agencies- With the growing popularity of influencer marketing, more agencies will form claiming to get your business more reach and customers. It will become difficult for business owners to identify original influencer marketing agency which can generate promising results. 

BuzzGuru is one such agency that provides customized influencer marketing service plans according to the requirement of your business and helps you boost your business profits via credible influencers with genuine followings. 

Paid ads will be a thing- Brands in collaboration with influencers will work on paid ads to create broad reach. Since businesses are largely converting to e-shops, social media ads are required to promote sales and increase traffic on e-sites. 

How to select impactful Influencer for Marketing

BuzzGuru marketing agency provides easy-to-use tools for filtering out professional influencers. You can find out social media algorithms and analytics via buzzGuru filters to connect with a dynamic influencer to promote your brand. 

Can you use Proxy on a Mobile?

Can you use Proxy on a Mobile?

Did you just google if you can use Proxy on a Mobile? 

Well, why not?

The simplest answer to this question is a Yes, of course. But if you are not acquainted with its whereabouts completely, then you have landed on the right page. 

Here we are about to discuss in detail what a Mobile Proxy is and how you can use it on your phone. 

What is a Mobile Proxy?

Proxy servers are not new in the business, and people are quite familiar with their functions on computers, laptops, or tablets; however, when it comes to using Mobile Proxy, a skeptical attitude surrounds the term due to lack of insight.

Similar to computer proxy, the mobile proxy also serves as a moderator between the mobile user and web pages. Its main purpose is to provide an indirect means of communication to users and web pages by creating a barrier between the two and hiding the user's identity from web domains. 

Digital devices have IP addresses through which they can be traced down, and even the activities carried out on those devices can be monitored along with their location and user data. 

Proxy servers, be it on a computer or mobile, provide the user a different IP address to surf the internet, which not only helps in masking the user's identity but also safeguards their data. 

The proxy-service providers simply hand you over a different IP address that is linked to an actual mobile phone working remotely as a mobile proxy device. You are required to enter that address in your phone’s network settings and voila. 

Now every site you are going to check on the internet will have the IP address of the device you are linked with instead of your IP address which will help in protecting your actual user interface, location, and mobile data. 

Since using mobile proxy involves cyber-security risks, it is recommended to get this service from an authentic service provider such as litport

Types of Mobile Proxy

The type of mobile proxy depends upon the purpose it is going to serve. You can choose one according to your needs after going through all its types. 

  • Shared/ Datacenter Proxy

As the name shows, a shared proxy means a single IP address will be utilized by multiple users. Even though the idea of it seems dubious however if you look closely, it is quite useful. More users with the same IP address make it more difficult for web domains to track down anyone, which helps in keeping hackers at a bay.

A shared proxy service is also ideal due to its cost-effectivity, and it is a lot cheaper than a private proxy service. The downside to it is that you may land on pages asking to enter CAPTCHA if any of the other users go through malicious sites. 

  • Private Proxy

If you choose to opt for a private proxy, the service provider will give you a single or multiple IP addresses that will be in your usage only. Authentic proxy providers like litport have worldwide contracts with mobile companies, which ensures user’s convenience and safety.  

A private server is very expensive, but the amount you spend is quite worth the benefits it serves, especially if you need proxy service for educational or business purposes. 

  • Residential Proxy 

Cyber censorship policies limit the user's web reach according to their geographical location. The residential proxy allows the users to access restricted sites via an IP address that belongs to a different location. 

If you are a student and you need unlimited access to social sites for making assignments or you are running a business and need updates from every nook and corner, a residential proxy is the best option.

Residential proxy helps in web scraping as well. You can ask the service provider to give you a rotating residential proxy, and your proxy will keep changing automatically, helping you in gathering data even from sites that do not allow a single IP address to visit the site multiple times. 

For affordable premium packages, unlimited bandwidth, and legal residential IP rotation, you may consider a proxy service provider like litport. 

Free Proxy apps or Premium Proxy service?

Various apps and websites offer users to utilize free proxy services that are ideal for short-term use. With a free proxy service, you can hide your identity from the web domains, but your original IP address is accessible for the proxy site. 

For a perfect cover-up, use a premium proxy offered by genuine service providers such as litport. Their team will be available to guide you 24/7; thus, you can enjoy a trouble-free mobile proxy. 

Grow Instagram followers in 2021 with these best guidelines

Grow Instagram followers in 2021 with these best guidelines

Today in technology, Instagram has become the foundation stone for many brands' social appearances for leading commercial traffic to landing pages, building, and engaging content, and growing conversation.

But the most crucial question is how to free Instagram followers. Getting more and more Instagram followers has become the highest priority for any business owner and every individual who uses Instagram. Although due to some ultra-smart algorithms, and various creative accounts, Instagram has become a competitive platform to boost your following and grow your account.

So, the following are some best tips to get a target audience and huge Instagram followers in 2021.

Augment your bio

Your bio should be 150 characters that reveal what you are, who you are, and what actions you expect individuals to take after visiting your profile. Your Instagram bio description should include.

  • A clear description that touches your personality.
  • A clickable link will be the standard link to your website
  • A call to action like contacts us, read more, shop, etc.

Schedule your Instagram posts in advance to move on

Instagram algorithms have been changed to show that users' content they like, posting at the right time gives engagement to enhance the overall employment they receive. By scheduling the content in advance with Instagram scheduling tools especially with GetInsFollowers helps to reach the target audience and standardize a consistent flow of content at the same time.

Avoid buying Instagram followers.

There is a massive difference between buying Instagram followers and getting free Instagram followers with actual content. Fake Instagram followers can create problems that are.

  • If the followers are coming from an inactive Instagram feed with millions of followers, it can minimize your account's credibility.
  • Fake Instagram followers are not the actual spenders and cannot bring real monetary value to your business.
  • If you have ten thousand fake followers, then there will be only a few likes, comments, and shares. It is expected that these Instagram followers are cleanup by management that will make your posts like engagement graveyards.

Showcase your Instagram account everywhere

People cannot find your account until you are not going to promote it. Creating awareness and visibility is the best tool to get more and more Instagram followers. You can add blogs or social media buttons to your site and promote social sharing across all the networks from where you can find yourself on Instagram.

Post content that followers desired

It is an ingenious and effective technique to learn what your followers want to find on Instagram. So, add filters, captions, and content that can differentiate you from others. It is also essential to post trending content but in a unique way.

Always be active

It is the essential question. Are you active on Instagram? Do you like other individuals' content, commenting on them? This is the most effective way to get noticed, especially on those followed by your target audience.

Go live on Instagram

Videos are the future on Instagram, and Instagram live is the best technique to bring engagement and followers in 2021. It is an entirely unedited video streaming feature to stay tuned with your followers to allow your audience to submit questions and comments in real-time. 

How Web Design Affects Consumer Behavior

How Web Design Affects Consumer Behavior?

Not everyone has yet realized that customer experience and behavior is the deciding factor for a good digital product. The best way for businesses to meet these rapidly changing consumer needs is to know the effects of website design on behavioral intention and the human psychology behind it. 

Humans Are Social Creatures

 It should not be underestimated how important it is for humans to stay social. We use everything in our environment for social interaction in one form or another. All interactions that take place online are also social interactions. When we visit a website or use an app, we expect it to respond. 

If a website doesn't respond or takes too long to load, it`s the same as if a real person ignoring us. 

If a website asks us for personal information on the home page, it's as if a stranger is getting too personal. 

When a website doesn't remember the information we have just entered, it's like someone is too ignorant. 

As you can see, almost all online interactions can be explained by social behavior in real life. 

Keep this fact in mind when designing your website and its user experience

We Make Most Decisions Unconsciously

 We often think that people act rationally and make decisions (which website to visit or which product to buy) based on a logical train of thought. 

Recent research shows that, in most cases, this is not the case. Most of the time we don't even realize when and why we make a decision. It is our unconsciousness that determines whether we should click on a certain page. 

So, if we want a visitor to go to a certain page, we need to target the so-called brain stem, where the emotional component resides. 

Here are some tips on what to keep in mind when it comes to your website design:

  • Any picture of food, attractive people, or scary situations will inevitably get our attention. The same goes for motion (animations).
  • If you want to hold your attention for more than a few seconds, you need to keep your brain stem. You can do this with compelling stories or images of people and their faces. 
  • People absorb information best when it's wrapped around a story. So use stories as often as you can, even if they are only a small contribution. 
  • Pictures of other people are often noticed. Especially if those people have similar age, style of dress, or other similar characteristics of a customer. 
  • Pictures that show people looking directly into the camera look best. 

People Decide Whether to Trust Your Site in a Blink of an Eye

The moment a customer is on your website, he/she has already made an unconscious decision about what they think of the website, whether they like it, whether they will stay or go to another site, or whether they trust the information offered or not. 

Website trust and credibility depends heavily on the look of the user interface. Here are few things that can reduce the trustworthiness of a website: 

  • Text not aligned or out of order. Centered text and lack of blank spaces. 
  • Too many different fonts and sizes are used; the text is displayed in different colors. 
  • Too much information on one page at once. 
  • The site has too much animation. The movements attract attention, but you have to use such elements carefully.
  • Too many areas of different colors that don`t meet your homogeneous color scheme.

If you want to develop credible and trustworthy web design, avoid these points and stick to common tips to develop a good website.

Motivation Could Be a Key for Customer Retention

People need a sense of achievement to stay motivated. They need to feel that everything is in their hands. 

 You have to make progress visible! In marketing, this is called the goal-gradient hypothesis. Users stay on your website more regularly and rate more products if they have a goal/reward. 

This behavior was first studied by Hull in 1934 on rats. Rats were trained to run through a maze in search of food; the closer they got to the end of the maze the faster they ran. 

Thus, we can say that the closer we get to the goal, the more active we become. 

This pattern of behavior can tell us the following: 

  • The shorter the distance to the goal, the more motivated people will be to achieve it. 
  • Increased motivation can only be initiated if progress is made. 
  • Once a goal is achieved, there is a breakdown in motivation. The greatest risk of losing a customer is after they have received their "reward." 

Completing a task makes us happy in a certain way. This is one of the reasons why computer games are so popular. People are obsessed with finally mastering a level. You want to make progress, you want to be rewarded, you want to achieve something. 

Well, a website is not a game, but many marketers and designers try to find ways to implement the concepts of motivation. 

Make a progress (through the ordering process, for example) visible, give your users the ability to set goals, challenge them, and reward them. If you keep your users engaged and motivated, they'll love your site, too. 

Sites like Linkedin, Uber, Duolingo, Starbucks use this technique well to attract and retain users.

Web Design Software to Analyze Performance

Mistakes are inevitable when it comes to web design. That is why marketers use web analytics software to record and evaluate the behavior of anonymous visitors. They can track how customers interact with certain elements of your site.

The results can then be used to improve the website after a statistically significant number of visits. In this way, your web design can be regularly adapted to user behavior and continuously optimized. Possible approaches to optimization are colors, pictures, animations, navigation sequences, typographic, and more.

Special attention should be paid to the most popular landing pages, the most frequent exit pages, and visitor loyalty. Interesting details about user preferences can often serve as a guide for changes. In addition, pay close attention to the most frequent exit pages, as improvements to these pages should convince the majority of website visitors to stay.

Final Thoughts

Understanding behavioral patterns is essential to creating a stellar user interface for a website. If you take these principles into account, it will have a positive impact on your site. Your website or web application will be accepted by a wider mass, people will stay longer, and your bounce rate will decrease.

With a simple basic knowledge of how humans, the brain, and the psyche work, you can develop measures that will promote trust and comfort for the customer.

Author’s BIO: Louis Sawyer is a professional writer, editor and a web design expert. She loves writing about technology trends, web development, mobile games and business issues. Also, Louis works as a proofreader at Computools.  Follow Louis on Twitter.