Why These Entrepreneurs Use Clickfunnels, Not Leadpages (2018)

Why These Entrepreneurs Use Clickfunnels, Not Leadpages (2018)

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You’re looking for a software tool that’ll help you streamline your sales process, sell more products and grow your business. But you end up spending stupid hours scouring the web, researching and comparing the features of software tools available. Before you know it, you’ve spent the best part of your day, week (or even month) deciding on the tool you want to use. As a business owner, you’ve got products to promote, clients to please and money to make — there’s no time for faffing over software tools! So just how do you find the right tool for your business, without testing fifteen different platforms and crying yourself to sleep over lost time? By getting feedback from other people of course! And not just any old feedback from people using the tool you’re looking at. You want detailed and specific feedback from business owners operating in a niche that’s similar to yours. This is one of the best ways to understand how the product can directly benefit you. With that in mind, I spent a considerable amount of time finding and asking people about their experiences with one of the most popular marketing tools — Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is regularly compared to a popular landing page builder, Leadpages. So I thought I’d create this post to showcase both tools and show you the good, the bad, and the ugly! A candid analysis of Clickfunnels and Leadpages Now both Clickfunnels and Leadpages are incredible marketing tools in [...]

10 Influencer Marketing Strategies that you should know in 2018 [Infographic]

Among many brands and marketers, influencer marketing is a preferred form of marketing. According to Linqia, nearly 39% of marketers are planning to increase their budgets for influencer marketing in 2018. This clearly indicates that marketers have realized the importance of influencer marketing.Read more

Anatomy of a (Perfect) Landing Page

Landing pages, we can all agree, are a great technique through which we can generate more targeted leads for our business. A well-designed landing page can help enhance user experience and can help improve your siteís conversion rate. However, while there are many ways to optimize your landing page in order to garner a higher conversion, there are a few basic elements that you need to incorporate to create an actionable landing page for your business.Read more

Five Marketing Must-haves For an Online Start-up

We can’t deny the impact technology has had on our professional life since the last decade, the most significant of the technological advancement being the internet and its impact. With the strain on our economies these days, which doesn’t seem to be getting better, people now more than ever are looking for financial security and to do that, they’re starting their businesses especially that are online. Online businesses are easier to manage especially because people are looking to start them on the side while keeping their jobs. However, there are few things one needs to keep in mind before starting an online business so here are five marketing must-haves for an online start-up.Read more

6 Easy Ways To Engage Readers on Your Small Business Website

Bold and unique!

It’s how your website should be, according to leading digital marketeers. As we all know from experience, it’s easier said than done.

As a small business owner, you’re maintaining your website while actively running your business. We understand that good organization and multitasking are a vital part of your everyday routine.

To help you improve engagement and increase the number of visits on your website while keeping up with your everyday responsibilities and goals, we’ve synthesized these 6 easy ways for you to take on gradually and at your own pace.Read more

If Only I'd Been Warned - 6 Avoidable Mistakes Agencies are Making on Social Media

As an agency, you're likely better at using social media than the businesses you help, but that doesn't mean you aren't making your own share of mistakes.

Agencies specializing in social media execution for their clients should be the gold standard, the picture-perfect examples of what effective social media should look like. Sure, you're probably avoiding beginner errors like not posting regularly or not targeting your audience. But the rules of social media marketing are continually evolving, and you might be guilty of more oversights than you realize.

Fixing your agency's social media mistakes starts with recognizing them - which of these six social media marketing blunders are you guilty of?Read more

How to Create Engaging Content – 6 Steps to Follow

Creating engaging content has long been a challenge for many business owners leveraging on content marketing. Aside from setting a website apart from its competition, an engaging and compelling content is also one of the main driving forces behind the search rankings of a website. When done right, it will not only help the business attract more website visitors but will also help prospective customers get to know the voice and mission of the brand.

To learn how the actionable steps to creating engaging content, check out this infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines.

Social Media Trends That Will Take Over in 2018

Today, being popular on social media is all that people take delight in. A world without social media is completely unimaginable since the trend has reached on the highest pedestal. During the evolution of social media trends, a number of those have come and gone. Some have got full attention while some have faded away. In order to achieve the best marketing goals, meticulous analysis of these trends are required to be carried out from time to time which aids in predicting the most effective social media trends of the near future. Therefore, Filmora team has brought this infographic to make people aware about which trend will get the spotlight in the coming year.

Digital Marketing Trends in India to Watch in 2018 ( MUST READ)

Digital Marketing Trends in India to Watch in 2018 ( MUST READ)

Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 (MUST READ):- 1. Big Data ( Together with Market, Buyer and Predictive Evaluation) “Information is the brand new oil and India would not have to import it”, says Mukesh Ambani at India Cellular Congress SOURCE: https://www.businesstoday.in/sectors/telecom/data-is-the-new-oil-reliance-jio-mukesh-ambani-india-mobile-congress/story/261062.html Large information alone won’t be ample, in 2018 – a marketer in digital marketing should additionally embrace market and buyer perception together with predictive evaluation. These “actionable insights” assist a marketer to reach on the most applicable choices and likewise forecast what may occur sooner or later. For eg, a firm of digital marketing has not too long ago created predictive evaluation fashions to research information about their prospects and buyer transactions. 2.Synthetic Intelligence Voice Help We already know a number of the hottest clever voice assistants which might be currently available in the market at this time – Apple’s Siri , Google’s Google Assistant , Amazon’s Alexa , Microsoft’s Cortana and Samsung’s Bixby . They’re extremely highly effective instruments and may carry out some fundamental duties for you in terms of SEO. The assistants of digital marketing can present info similar to climate, play music, take photographs, file movies, and so forth. Their digital marketing progress and capabilities are increasing quickly and can change into extra helpful in 2018. With the help of digital marketing, customer support and buyer interactions are two of the foremost areas the place they’ll be extraordinarily helpful for all digital marketers. 3.Influencer Advertising and Marketing Influencer Marketing – We already seen the [...]

2018 UX Events You Should Attend

Professionals looking to stay on top of the latest trends benefit from attending conferences that feature case studies, hands-on training, and interaction with their peers. Many events offer discounts for early registration, so it’s always a good idea to plan well in advance. Here’s a list of the best choices for 2018, along with advice for convincing your boss they’re worth the investment.Read more