7 Poor Web Design Mistakes that can Affect your SEO Efforts

While everybody is saying that content is king when it comes to search engine optimization, it is not the only factor that affects SEO. There are numerous elements of your website that play their part in coming up with your whole SEO strategy. Among the fundamental factors that you should keep in mind is the design of your site itself.

The design of your website has a massive role in the user experience, an area that search engines are focusing on right now. It is therefore essential that you give it a lot of attention and a lot of strategizing. However, a lot of website owners fail to make the most out of their web design, and a lot of them commit some mistakes that are hurting their entire SEO initiative.

Here are seven web design mistakes that you should avoid so that you won’t negatively affect your SEO efforts:

Mistake # 1: Poor Website Navigation

Web design is not all about the visual element of your site. It includes functionality and performance. One of the functional areas where errors are usually committed is in website navigation.

If your site has a very complicated navigation scheme, or if it has dysfunctional navigational tools such as menus and search bars, then your users would most likely back away from your site not long after they get in. This will send negative signals about your website, eventually putting you lower in search engine results.

Mistake # 2: Incorrect Use of Heading Tags

Heading tags refer to the HTML codes used for headers in your site. Headers are typically for important texts in your content, where H1 would be the biggest, and thus the most important text in your page, usually used for the main title.

Some header mistakes include using more than one h1 tag, putting whole paragraphs inside header tags, or using header tags for styling texts other than headlines.

Headers are supposed to signal what your page is all about. When used correctly, it can help push forward your SEO initiatives. Otherwise, it would just lead to a complete mess.

Mistake # 3: Too many pop-ups

Pop-up advertisements used to be a nightmare in websites that needed the funding to run their website. But it is very evident that this practice is not common anymore, especially in suitable sites that already key in their website costs as part of their operational expenses.

Of course, the use of pop-ups is still okay but only when done in moderation. Sites that have too many pop-ups in a way that disrupts the user experience will face penalties from search engines.

If you plan on making use of pop-up ads, make sure you strategize well, and never let it compromise user experience.

Mistake # 4: Text in Images

Some sites practice including text inside images which doesn’t help in SEO at all. This is because web crawlers are unable to see images that way humans do, and so it will bear nothing if you place your text in images. What can hurt your SEO efforts is if while doing this, you forget that what is needed is to use alt text in your images, as this is what web crawlers can read.

Allow your images to boost your SEO by optimizing your images alt texts. Only then can your images be helpful in helping you achieve your SEO objectives.

Mistake # 5: Infinite Scroll

While it is true that sites are now adopting longer forms than before, a lot go overboard and come up with websites that add load more content as a user reaches the bottom of the page. While this might not be much of an issue early into adopting such layout, it will eventually be a catastrophe when your site gets more and more content. It’s also not going to be an infinite scroll in a literal sense, but it would feel that way sooner or later.

An infinite scroll can lead not only to a navigational crisis but as well as to the negative reception of the site itself as it would offer a mess of user experience. But there are areas of your site that might need infinite scroll such as your blog, but you would need to be able to complement it with tools that promote ease-of-navigation.

Mistake # 6: Large Images and Media Files

Images, videos, and other media files are essential elements of a website. Their absence, which means a bombardment of pure texts, would lead to a very dull site that would sure to push away your users.

However, some sites fail to take into consideration their size, which can affect your site’s performance, which would ultimately lead to a bad user experience. So be mindful of the weight that each of these objects adds to your site, and makes sure you are still in control.

Mistake # 7: Improper 404 Error Page

The 404 error page is used to communicate with your users that there have been communications issues between the server, and the user. Many sites have been customizing their 404 pages, usually to manage the users’ dismay. What is commonly forgetting to direct the user back to the intended page, which leads to the inability of your site to lead your users to the right page. Users would back off from the site in disappointment, which sends negative connotation about the site. Thus, make sure that you don’t commit this 404 error page mistakes and make it work the way it was designed for.


Your website design entails a lot of factors that have an impact on your SEO efforts. By committing mistakes on your web design, you are leading your site a downward path. Make sure that you are aware of the seven mistakes above, what consequences they bring, what you can do to avoid committing them, or how to correct them if you are already practicing them by mistake. By doing the best practices of web design, your SEO initiatives are more likely to be successful now than ever before.

Author Bio

Kenneth Sytian is the CEO of Sytian Productions, Web Design Outsource Philippines. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is considered one of the top influencers in web design and development in the Philippines.

Boost Your Site Engagement Using Polls

Imagine running a store in a busy mall where lots of customers step in but they leave without buying your products or running an eatery whose menu doesn’t seem to attract the foodies. In the physical world that would be considered a failure. A user landing on your website and simply going away without interacting with your brand is akin to the above examples in the digital world.

Today websites aren’t merely your online business cards as they were treated in the past but they are your most important sales tool. You can grow your brand and increase your sales digitally using a good website. But before you achieve those goals you need to engage your users. You need to make them pause and take a look at the products and services you have on offer. Businesses that are able to engage their users with a website are the ones that are doing well in today’s digital-first world.

This brings us to a very important question – how do you boost engagement on your website? Did you just say SEO? The truth is Search Engine Optimization or even Pay per Click marketing can only go as far as bringing new users to your website. But if your website’s visual appearance is boring or it lacks great content you likely to experience a high bounce rate which you probably are already facing. By make a poll can help you increase the engagement rate of your website and also improve your conversion rate. There are many ways in which you can deploy interactive content on your website. The use of Polls is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to engage your users. 

How to Make a Poll?
You need to design the poll and then write the codes in HTML. If there are bugs you need to fix them. Has this scared you enough? In the past this is pretty much what you would have had to do (perhaps even more) in case you were interested in having polls on your website. But poll makers have done away with all the challenges and hassles that were involved in creating polls from designing to coding and tracking the performance of your polls. It is much like instant coffee where you pour the contest of the sachet onto your cup of hot water and stir it to get going with your cut of steaming coffee. And staying with the example of coffee you would be done creating a poll before you are done with your coffee! Polls are super easy to create using poll makers and that’s why you see them on your competitors’ website. 

A poll maker eases the design process at the same time offers you complete control over creativity. To start with you can use one of the many templates they have ready to be deployed on your website. Irrespective of the design and structure of your website you are likely to find one that meets your needs pretty easily. Further you can customize them to meet the overall design character on your website. If you wish to brand them using your name or logo that option is also available to you.

Once the designing part is finalized you only need to add a question with the optional answers and generate the codes that can easily be deployed on your website irrespective of the content management system you are using. Isn’t this super easy? You’d have spent more time in writing and formatting the last blog you published on your website.

Why Use Polls on Your Website?

  • They keep content fresh – Most websites find it hard to publish new content on the website on a regular basis. This can be detrimental as there is nothing for your returning visitors to look forward to. Polls are the easiest way to add fresh content to your website on a regular basis. Few minutes of time spend with a poll maker would allow you to add something new to your website that your users would love coming back for.
  • They are a great feedback tool –

Polls are perhaps the best feedback tool you have at hand. Instead of sending over a detailed questionnaire which many of users are likely to skip you can use polls to gather their opinion on your newly launched products or seek their opinion on a new feature that you are planning to add. When you use this feedback as a part of your future plans it creates more trust in your brand and takes you closer to your customers.

  • They help you build leads – Along with boosting engagement on your website another area of concern would be to gather fresh leads to increase sales. Polls can help you in generating fresh and qualified leads for your business. Since you have more engagement on your website statistically you have more odds of generating new leads. Also you can add a lead generation form to your polls and users who are interested in your products and services won’t mind sharing their contact details with you. 
  • They gather social traffic – Polls being a great engagement tool also help you in many other ways. You can make the polls sharable on social platforms and when users find your polls interesting they are likely to share it within their own network. This helps your brand grab new eyeballs and increase its reach in the market and this can open new opportunities of business for you.

To sum up if you are struck with a website that is failing to engage users polls would be the smartest way to improve engagement on your website. They offer you instant results unlike some of the other strategies that are often suggested for improving engagement on the website. And thanks to online poll makers you can create one with super easy. It doesn’t matter if you have never managed a website in the past or worked with site design tools. Poll makers would guide you through the entire process of creating polls and publishing them on your website. 

Eric Jones is a seasoned marketer who has effectively used interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and surveys to promote brands and increase interaction between customers and businesses. He has been pursuing tailored campaigns that are targeted towards improving brand recognition, engagement, and sales. As an active blogger, he continuously writes about the use of new digital marketing techniques.

How to Use Snapchat for Effective Digital Marketing

Social media marketing is a mainstay in the digital marketing handbook, especially in recent years. As advertising capabilities and sponsored content has taken over the web, the question is no longer how you market on the web – it’s whether you’re investing the most effort into the right social networks.

Unlike major platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, many businesses often overlook Snapchat as a marketing space. While many companies use Snapchat advertisements and official accounts to build their brands and engage with younger consumers, many others have not yet tapped into this source.

With over 218 million daily active users and counting (Snapchat Statistics and Facts), Snapchat is a lucrative source for digital marketers looking to build their brands. However, this particular social platform can be a difficult market to break into. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Snapchat is not feed-based – it’s story-based. As Snapchat has added even more sponsored content capabilities to its platform, the competition is growing fiercer every day.

How can you break into this lucrative digital space? Here are a few key marketing strategies for using Snapchat to your advantage.

Set Up Snapchat for Business

Snapchat’s massive number of daily active users watch over 10 billion Snapchat videos per day – an astronomical number that signals tons of exposure and marketing opportunities for your brand. In addition, Snapchat has numerous targeting tools and advertisement formats for you to tailor to your marketing strategy.

With Snapchat, you can:

  • Create your own geofilter to promote customer engagement
  • Purchase a Snap Ad to appear while a user is swiping through stories
  • Develop your own Sponsored Lens to be featured alongside Snapchat’s selection of fun, augmented reality Lenses
  • Run your own company Snapchat account to build brand awareness and personality

Setting up a Snapchat account for your company is easy and straightforward.

  1. Download the Snapchat app.
  1. Sign up for a user account and fill in your user details. It’s important to note that when you choose a Snapchat name, you can’t change it – so choose a professional one with your business name!
  1. Verify your account via confirmation email.
  1. Go to Snapchat for Businesses.
  1. Fill in your business details: your name, phone number, business email, street address, business name.
  1. Verify your email again.
  1. Log back into your Snapchat business account and enjoy all the features that your Ads Manager dashboard provides!

From Snapchat’s Ads Manager dashboard, you can create and manage your advertisements, view foot traffic insights, manage your creative library, track ad conversions, and much more.

Understand How Snapchat Works

If you have a personal Snapchat account, you’re at an advantage over those who have never opened the app before. If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, you will need to come up to speed before you start advertising.

Snapchat is based around the concept of self-destructing messages. Basically, when you send a photo or video (also known as a snap) to one of your friends, that snap disappears after they’ve opened it. You can also post snaps to your Snapchat Story, which will last for 24 hours. You can save certain snaps to your Memories.

When you create a snap, you can use a variety of augmented lenses to change your appearance before taking it. In addition, you can use filters and geofilters, along with stickers and mark-ups, to finalize the snap. These filters can help you tag your location, the business you’re at, or even the temperature.

Know Your Audience

Marketing on Snapchat is much different from marketing on Facebook or even Instagram. Traditionally, Snapchat’s demographic has been primarily teenagers and young adults. However, this trend is changing as older adults are starting to sign up for the platform as well.

Whatever your key demographic is, stay true to it in your Snapchat marketing strategy. As you post more advertisements, you will be able to gain insight into the types of users your business is attracting. After you’ve gained this information, you can update your techniques accordingly.

Utilize Influencer Endorsements

A new breed of celebrity has cropped up with the rise of Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube: social media influencers. These people are usually young, attractive, and creative, and have millions and millions of loyal followers behind them. As a result, they are very influential in marketing strategies.

You can strike up a partnership with an influencer who would be interested in your company and your products. You can create a paid advertisement for your product to be posted on the influencer’s Snapchat account, complete with links to your websites and social media accounts. As a result, you create organic brand awareness and increase your following, sales, and leads.

In addition, you can have an influencer or celebrity take over your company’s Snapchat account. The influencer will then post stories and updates on your company’s behalf. This can take place on a regular day, or you can have the influencer do a takeover for a special event or promotion.

Consistency Is Key

On all social media platforms, it’s important to stay consistent in your tone, style, and messaging. This helps you build and increase your following in an organic, engaging way. As such, everything you post on Snapchat should be consistent with your brand image. Make sure that you post snaps consistently and use the same language as you would on other platforms.

Brainstorm Content Ideas

When you’re posting content to Snapchat, it’s important to have a variety of formats and styles to choose from. This will keep your audience engaged whenever you post a snap. Snapchat allows you to express your brand in numerous creative ways; it’s up to you to decide what to do with that freedom.

A few engaging content ideas for business Snapchats include:

  • Q&As or interviews with employees, company leadership, and special guests
  • Demonstrations of upcoming products
  • Influencer or celebrity takeovers
  • Announcements for new products, services, or company-related activities
  • A tour of your offices
  • Sales announcements
  • Promo code sharing
  • A video of your products being manufactured
  • Tips and tricks on various industry-related topics
  • A daily workplace routine
  • Product tests
  • Tutorials for current products or company-related activities

Create Your Own Lens

Snapchat Lenses is one of Snapchat’s most fun features. These augmented reality camera lenses are wildly popular, turning user’s faces into animals, other people, food items, and adding background effects such as hearts, twinkling stars, snow, rain, and more. The possibilities are endless with Snapchat lenses – and companies see the results.

For example, Taco Bell implemented a Cinco de Mayo Snapchat lens that turned users’ heads into a giant talking taco. While the idea may seem silly, it was an ultimate success for the company. In fact, the lens was viewed 224 million times and produced over 12 years’ worth of video.

This lens became the top campaign in Snapchat’s history at the time and provided an ample marketing opportunity for Taco Bell. However, it required a Taco Bell-sized budget to pull it off – $750,000 for one day, to be exact. If you have the money for a custom company lens, the investment will likely pay for itself.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can create your own Snapchat geofilter. Instead of using the augmented reality technology of Snapchat lenses that are available everywhere, geofilters provide effects that can be accessed by users in certain locations. Usually, these filters are simple, have no animation, and only reach a small audience. As a result, custom geofilters are much cheaper – you can create one for as little as $5.

Snapchat is a vital marketing tool for brands everywhere. To take advantage of Snapchat’s social power, along with other digital marketing opportunities.

Popular Web Builders

Remember when you learned to ride a bike? It was difficult at first, but it was easy once you knew how to keep your balance. What if we said that creating a basic website or a virtual store is as simple as? Now you no longer need special technical expertise. Clasy Website Builders gives the best reviews about innovative website builders. Unlike many other analytics companies, we do not sell our rankings. We are passionate about giving a review about website builders and we do our best to make our analyzes the most detailed and up-to-date on the internet. Clasy Website Builders gives few tips to find the best website builders, check it out:

How To Find The Best Website Builders?

Nowadays, despite the few risks when choosing a creation tool, consider the following points before deciding:

Free Trial: See if you can test the creator for free. Most providers offer free plans (with some restrictions) or at least a refund guarantee policy;

Support: Check the types of support provided by the tools (eg, by phone, chat, forums, etc.). It is also worth checking if there is an active user community that can help each other;

Price: It can be tricky to know exactly why the offers are sometimes a little confusing. However, in all of our reviews, you'll find clear details about plan pricing and extra costs (eg, domain name) from each provider;

Features: Although each project has its own needs, these are the most common functions you may be looking for: a decent blog system, customizable SEO options, responsive designs, a virtual store module, beautiful visuals (eg, image galleries ), possibility to protect pages with password or user registration;

Domain Name: You must be able to connect purchased domain names with other providers, even by registering a new domain directly on the site creator platform.

How to Increase User Engagement and Retention

What exactly your user engagement looks like will depend on the product. A travel app is not likely to be used as often as a shopping account. As such, there’s no one single engagement metric that we take to be the golden standard for all products.

However, engagement is nothing more than a user who is engaging with your product repeatedly. It’s what all businesses want. The more engaged a customer is, the more satisfied they are with what you’ve got to offer.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to increase user engagement and retention via the user journey. These are ways to increase user engagement and retention via the user journey.

Read More: How to Increase User Engagement

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Five influencer marketing issues that will dominate 2019

Five influencer marketing issues that will dominate 2019

In just a few short years, influencer marketing has established itself as one of the most prominent digital marketing channels for consumer brands.

By one estimate, businesses spent more than $2bn on influencer marketing campaigns in 2018. What does 2019 hold for the channel? Here are five issues in the space that should be on marketers’ radar screens this year.

The emergence of fake sponsored content

Given the large sums of money some influencers are paid to promote brands and their products, it’s no surprise that a growing number of individuals are trying to become influencers. Put simply, becoming an influencer is the 21st century equivalent of becoming a Hollywood celebrity, especially among members of younger generations. Unfortunately, in an effort to kick start their careers, some wannabe influencers have resorted to publishing what purport to be sponsored posts on behalf of brands that they are not actually working with. In some cases, the influencers engaging in this dubious behavior are reportedly then using their fake sponsored posts to dupe brands into believing that they have a proven track record.

Fake sponsored content obviously has the potential to create headaches and risk for companies whose brands are hijacked and associated with individuals they aren’t really working with, but it could also present broader challenges for influencer marketing.

Industry executives predict what will happen in 2019 and beyond

Industry executives predict what will happen in 2019 and beyond

We asked industry executives to predict the trends that will affect our work, and our lives, in 2019.

"More clients in more places will ask for better work. Our work, and worth to our clients, is not solely dependent on either technology or great ideas; it's dependent on us delivering the two combined. Now that for many the machine is in place, we'll see clients demand great creative ideas like they have never demanded them before."

"There's going to be a much longer arc around this movement around data transparency and management. I can see ... where managing your own personal data is just a part of your life, like managing your finances."

"Distrust will continue to build among brands and their media agency partners as clients begin voluntarily participating in the federal investigation into media buying practices. This will prompt other clients to heighten scrutiny of their contracts, conduct further auditing and, ultimately, put their media accounts into review. Unfortunately, whether or not any legal wrongdoing is discovered, the process itself will result in the erosion of these critical relationships. Hopefully, the industry can get past this murky period quickly in order to focus once again on more positive discussions."

"Someone is going to jail. There is too much dirty data out there. Are the IDs being used for digital marketing real? Were they obtained legally? The DOJ is focused on our industry and someone's going in. Not me."

Digital marketing strategy 2019: How to take advantage of the latest trends

Digital marketing strategy 2019: How to take advantage of the latest trends

A digital marketing strategy needs to be frequently revised to stay successful.

Here are the latest trends to keep an eye on for 2019. Technology keeps evolving and we all need to keep up with the latest trends to make sure that we develop successful marketing tactics. It’s the perfect time to reflect on what worked the past year and how the latest trends will affect our marketing strategies in 2019.

Here are the key trends you need to know and how to include them in your current digital marketing strategy. Video consumption is not expected to slow down. As more social platforms invest in video content, marketers are investing in video to engage their audience. However, it’s not enough to create videos with no clear objectives.

Start spending more time on analyzing the best types of video that work for your audience. Bite-sized videos may work on social media, but what if your audience is still interested in watching longer videos? For example, Instagram will invest more on IGTV to establish it as a new platform to consume longer videos.

Although it’s still at an early stage, there is a great opportunity to beat the competition before it gets more popular. Video ads are also another trend to try out, either to increase awareness or even to drive conversions. According to Animoto, video ads are the primary way that consumers find out about a brand or product before making a purchase. Marketers need to optimize videos for mobile [...]

How SEO & Content Helped our Presentation Design Agency 4X New Customer Inquiries

My co-founder Holly and I started Purple Patch events group back in 2004. After spending many years working in the marketing and events industry, we felt there could be significant improvements made to the way events were organised and managed. Having established a successful event management business - Presentation Experts also quickly came into existence. In order for clients to deliver their services and products successfully to eager crowds during keynote speeches, they needed more support with the creation of professional presentations.

Presentation Experts specialises in presentation design services for businesses of all sizes. As a Presentation design agency we create content and designs for conferences, sales pitch decks, events and more. Over the course of 2018, our team put together over 200 bespoke presentations, while our sister events agency Purple Patch delivered more than 300 minutes of corporate film and in excess of 250 hours of exclusive events.

A presentation can often make or break the time and money put into building up a service or product. Whether it’s buyers, partners, investors or customers you are speaking to, they need to remain engaged with the concept. That’s where we can help, working closely with the client to understand their objectives to deliver a compelling and powerful presentation.

Our presentation design services extend beyond standard PowerPoint ideas and designs. We also incorporate animation, infographics, screen displays and even film if required. Our background in every aspect of events management – from exhibitors and delegates to buyers and sellers - enables us to see the bigger picture to support our clients in achieving the returns they are aiming for.

Were we missing opportunities?

Despite our initial success as a business, an area we hadn’t paid much attention to was our presence on search engines. SEO had become a ‘tick box’ exercise for us – something we knew we had to have – but never really focused on it.

Interestingly, Holly had just completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business course – and a straw poll of her cohort of SME owners regarding their attitude to SEO ranged from – “Its all smoke and mirrors but we do it anyway” through to “My business success is 100% down to our SEO and PPC efforts”. There surely had to be a middle ground.

My experience with our existing SEO agency was simple – we received a handful of calls each Month and a hugely complex incomprehensible report showing how the agency was doing.  Despite my protest that the phone wasn’t ringing enough – apparently, we were where we should have been in terms of ranking.

We held the belief that our target audience – comprised mainly of larger companies – would not actively be using search engines to find specialist presentation design services. At the same time, we were still receiving new enquiries and word of mouth referrals from some surprisingly large businesses. We were eager to continue expanding and started to conduct some research to see if any improvements could be made to boost our online presence.

We realised we were not maximising the full potential of our services and should be able to find more of the larger companies we were aiming to work with. Our existing client base already comprised of some substantial businesses already – Sainsbury’s, RBS, Schneider Electric etc. So we knew that we could exploit that heritage.

Our partnership with Brick Digital

Brick Digital, owned and run by Lorenzo Luiso was in its infancy as a digital agency and we were keen to appoint a new provider. Lorenzo was convinced that large organisations were using search engines to source new suppliers like Presentation Experts. We sat down together to map out a plan for 2018 that would concentrate on key areas of our website. The end goal was to find larger companies who were searching for presentation design services both in London and the UK as a whole.

Our challenge to Brick Digital was simple – quadruple our new customer contacts – and alongside that – improve the quality of them. And by the way, can we get a report at the end of each Month that is digestible in a few minutes by a non-SEO expert. No small task.

We understood that significant changes to our rankings was not going to occur overnight and would not alone bring more new business. It required a long-term plan that not only involved changing the existing content but also altering our mindset towards the website. Using it as an online portfolio to showcase existing work had proved very useful but we had not yet realised its full potential. To gain a strong foothold in our industry we needed to demonstrate our experience in a number of ways and with guidance from Brick Digital, we began to expand the content.

This involved publishing content that highlighted our experience and knowledge as a PowerPoint design agency. Through the development of our blog content, our aim was to not only increase our credibility within the events and presentation sectors but also to expand our keyword footprint across the site. Offering guidance about presentations to key decision makers within target businesses has now become a regular part of our online strategy.

In only nine months we had experienced a dramatic turnaround in terms of search traffic and the number of enquiries being received through our website. People searching for presentation design services were able to find us much easier, which led to a 300% increase in organic searches. Warm qualified leads arriving through our website was now four times higher, with a number of extremely large organisations getting in touch after finding us on Google.

We have transformed our new business strategy for Presentation Services with SEO from Brick Digital

Presentation Experts are proof that having a great product and exciting website is a good starting point, but without strong SEO marketing to support it, there will be a limit to what you can achieve.

Some business owners may think it takes too much time and money to get the desired results online. We would agree to a point, however, even with a limited budget and time constraints, B2B businesses can still increase the number of leads and opportunities they receive within their respective industries.

We’ve come a long way in a short amount of time and are now reaping the benefits of implementing a clear SEO plan with Brick Digital that connects us with new clients searching for our services every day of the week. At the start of 2018, we would never have dreamt of adding some very substantial names to our customer base. Deutsche Bank, Last Minute.com, City & Guilds, Grayling PR and Ricoh to name a few.

So what’s next – an even closer relationship with Brick Digital in 2019. We will be working hard to supply them with the content that they need to make our sites a continuing success.

Paul Campbell is the founder and director of Presentation Experts.

Things You Should Know About Affiliate Marketing

Many aspiring entrepreneurs choose affiliate marketing as their first business venture. Affiliate marketing is among the most popular marketing models and is great for starting out in the business world. Here’s why.

The first reason is that affiliate marketing offers practically unlimited earnings. You earn a commission for as many products as you sell. The earning potential depends only on how good of a marketer you are.

And there’s enough money to go around. The experts in quality web hosting reviews from the Hosting Tribunal estimate that affiliate marketing is an industry worth $12 billion.

The other reason is that you don’t need to invest money to earn money. Most affiliate networks accept affiliates for free. You can technically take up affiliate marketing with an empty bank account.

Owning a website rarely comes without any cost, though, especially as a business grows. However, these costs apply to all online businesses and even moderate earnings will cover them.

So affiliate marketing allows for earning an income with practically no risk. This makes it a perfect first business, especially if you have a small starting capital.

Of course, building any business from the ground up is difficult, and being an affiliate is no exception. If you want to be your own boss, however, affiliate marketing is the best place to start.

So, if you want to try your hand at affiliate marketing or if you’re just interested in how it works, check out the infographic below: