Asking For a Referral Through Email

Asking For a Referral Through Email
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Referrals are a great way to boost conversions but they don’t just come to you, you have to look for them and win them over proactively. The good thing is people group together with others that share the same interest with them, so, people that are connected to your customers are more qualified prospects. With referrals, there’s not that much need to make your prospects trust you because the person they know has been your customer already, therefore trust is already there, thanks to your referrer. But receiving and giving referrals might not be comfortable for everyone, so you’ll definitely have to build a process to make it easier. This is when asking for a referral through an Email comes in.

When can you ask for a referral?

  • You can ask for a referral in the confirmation message after your customer has made a purchase.
  • You can ask for a referral in your newsletter’s email to confirm subscription.
  • You can send an email a few days after purchasing asking if your customer is happy with the purchase and if anyone they know might be interested.

What Should a Referral Letter be Like?

Since you don’t want to make the person reading your email think it’s going to be a long read and a waste of time, make sure that you keep it straight to point and short. When a customer is satisfied, they have no problem with giving referrals for you the moment you ask. So there’s no need to be scared of losing them because you might sound pushy. You can start by giving a reminder to your client about something they like about what you offer then request that they give out a word for you to people who might like it too. You can give them specific and very easy instructions on how they can give you the names and contact info about the referrals, then make sure if they’d allow you to say that they were the referrers. And if you’ll be giving them an incentive for giving a referral, let them know that as well. Also, don’t forget to thank them for participating.

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