A Six-Step Framework to Create Content that Brings Profit & Conversion with Julia McCoy

A Six-Step Framework to Create Content that Brings Profit & Conversion with Julia McCoy
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A Six-Step Framework to Create Profitable Content

My biggest takeaway from my hour-long interview with Julia was her six-step framework to produce content that can generate profits and leads. It took Julia years to crystallize and narrow down these steps that are proven to work.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the six-step framework to create profitable content.

1️⃣ Get clear on the fundamentals: What does your audience want to hear & what is your content differentiation factor?

Before you start creating content, ask yourself these questions, “Who are you? What industry are you in? Where are you in the digital space? What do people in your industry want to hear about?

Julia shared one example,

If you are in the medical field and you are speaking from your place of expertise, you may not be speaking about what people want to hear.

In other words, you need to conduct research to discover what people want to hear about.

Parallel to knowing your audience, one needs to know one’s content differentiation factor.

Did you know that there are two million blog posts going out every single day? How can your content rise above the digital noise? Julia’s secret weapon is to have one’s own content differentiation factor, which means

What differentiates you? What differentiates your content from the rest of all the content out there? What makes you different than the rest of the volume in the digital space?

2️⃣ Know how to bridge your audience and your sales together.

In the second stage, you are not only speaking your audience’s language, but are also bringing them through the stages of the sales awareness cycle, which includes Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

For example, how do you speak with your customers when they are considering your products or services? And how do you bring them to a close to become paying customers? It’s crucial that you know how to create content that can speak to your audience at each stage of the sales awareness cycle.

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3️⃣ Knowing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Step three is about knowing your software and the techniques you should use to conduct keyword search to boost your SEO. Julia shared that this step played a key role in her overall success as a content marketer.

For example, when you are conducting keyword search, Julia suggested:

Don’t look at the numbers when it comes to search volume. Look at the competition. How competitive is that keyword? If it is a low competition keyword, you might be able to rank high in a few months. If you get into the first five in Google for a search phrase, that is worth so much money.

To know exactly if a keyword ranks high or low on competitiveness, Julia shared that you had to rely on tools. And using the right tool is key to finding the right keywords for your content.

Two particular tools that Julia spoke highly of are:



Any of the above tools can give you a score on keyword competitiveness instantaneously. For example KWFinder (Keyword finder) via Mangools will give you a keyword score from 1 to 100 and will inform you of the difficulty level of that keyword.

Julia shared a simple example to help us understand this.

For example, if your keyword is ‘black dress,’ the competition can be 100, but if you lessen the keyword to ‘a little black dress size medium for my prom,’ then you might have a competition of 20. This means that only other 20 websites are competing with you. That’s when you know this is a great keyword and you can create content on it.

4️⃣ Building online authority through your content course

Step four means that you need to know where you publish and when you publish.

To me, I publish my content on Medium. This is my home base. However, to Julia, she publishes her content on her website.

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How about you? Where do you publish your content?

5️⃣ Create content consistently

Once you have developed your strategy & are intimately familiar with the first four steps, you can start to create & distribute your content. However, rather than pushing out as much volume as possible, you need to refer to the first four steps to help you decide what and how often to publish.

Once you have your schedule optimized, stick to it! Keep your audience coming back for more, lead them along in the sales cycle, and don’t disappoint them. This is how Julia went from 45 to 1 piece per week. She was able to optimize that work and consequently keep her workload to a manageable level. It was both profitable and sustainable.

6️⃣ Budget, promote, and do content maintenance.

Julia observed a pattern among content creators: Most of creators publish a piece of content and then forget about it. Most people rarely update their own content! I am definitely guilty of this myself.

However, through proper content maintenance, there is so much more value that we can gain from our existing content. For example, Julia shared that she once updated a piece of her old content and that brought her a new sale within three days!

What an incredible story.

Content maintenance is indeed crucial. Take time to review your old work and keep it updated with your current branding, fix errors, update it with new information, and re-share it. This is effective content re-purposing.

When you are updating an old piece of content, here is another great tip from Julia. Simply update the content without changing the URL of the content, because the content has already generated a certain level of SEO for you. If you want, you can add a sentence such as “this article is updated on which date.”

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