A guide to running an effective client discovery process

How digital agencies and consultants can use Discovery on digital marketing projects to improve the value they deliver to their customers Over the last few years, I have seen an increasing focus amongst agencies on improving their client discovery projects. In this article, I describe a process I recommend to run effective discovery. It can be applied both for onboarding new customers, but also applied for prospects when pitching. The post is aimed at marketing and in particular digital marketing agencies and consultants, but client-side marketing teams looking to review their position in the market may also find it useful. More details on the questions to ask during discovery are available in this client discovery process checklist template I have developed for Expert members. You may also find the brand audit in the Smart Insights Agency Toolkit useful. The term “Discovery” is not used universally, so let’s start with the obvious “what?” and “why?” questions. What is discovery? The term discovery graces a lot of agency process charts on pitches but what do we mean by it and what is its value? My view is that the purpose of the discovery stage of a project and the insight that is delivered from it ensures we produce marketing assets and campaigns that are relevant, engaging and effective for our (or our clients) audience and eventual customers. Anthony Iannarino has a useful definition of agency client discovery : “Discovery is about learning what your client needs, their strategic indicatives, their goals, […]

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