A framework for market orientation

Perhaps the most important step and also the biggest challenge for any marketer is to start with the customer when building a marketing strategy It’s perhaps the most significant section of your marketing strategy as you look to create a formal, documented paper where you intend to formally “introduce your customer to the organization” – to embrace Market Orientation. Market Orientation sits before strategic thinking or the creation of a segmentation strategy or even the decisions to be taken on how your brand will be positioned. Yet it seems to be one of the most difficult tasks in terms of getting total organisational buy-in. A recent Harvard Business Review entitled “Why CMO’s Never Last” highlighted the concern that CMO’s are “not given enough authority to do what’s expected of them and also they are led down a marketing communications route or product strategy” – which suggests organisations are becoming more impatient for immediate results and action rather than allowing time for a documented process of starting with the needs and wants of the customer.” Market Orientation is defined as “only when a company completely understands its markets and the people who decide whether to buy its products or services” Source: Harvard Business Review. When introducing the concept of Market Orientation you may be shot down with the response: “there is not the time to do the research” or “ We don’t have the budget to set aside for this type of research” – this amazes me as for some […]

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