7 Quick Fixes for Your RTO’s Marketing Strategy

7 Quick Fixes for Your RTO’s Marketing Strategy
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Today’s student is smart, entitled, and loyal. Brand preference plays a huge part in every consumer decision they make. The information age has delivered power into the consumer’s hands, making prospects more informed and connected than the students of previous decades.

To increase admission yield and improve your enrolment rates, a commitment to developing a strong marketing strategy is going to be your most formidable tool. But with so many touchpoints in today’s tech-driven world, keeping your head above the marketing waters can feel impossible.

Here are 7 quick tips to spice up your marketing game:

1: Do an audit of your competitors

Identify your main competitors and use a spreadsheet to compare the language styles, colours, and overall tones used in their branding. It’s absolutely paramount to differentiate your RTO’s branding, and by mapping out the competition you’ll be able to develop your brand positioning strategy.

2: Do an audit of yourself

Go through your touchpoints and analyse whether your current marketing efforts reflect your values. Are you conveying an accurate description of the training you offer? It’s important to ensure you’re targeting the right audience so you appeal to students who are most suited to your services, which will reduce dropout rates.

3: Develop student personas

You may think you know who your target audience is, but unless you do some data analysis, you’ll never be certain your marketing efforts are directed to the right audience.

4: Develop a solid brand identity

Once you’ve got a clear idea of how other RTOs are marketing themselves, and have identified who you should be marketing to, it’s time to develop your brand into a coherent style which aligns with your findings. Branding is a job that’s worth doing well, so don’t rush over this process. Identify a set of stylistic rules that will shout your message through every student interaction.

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5: Be diligent about follow-ups

Hopefully in your self-audit you were able to identify a lists of touchpoints where prospects can express interest. Have a plan in place to ensure follow ups are being followed up, and consider using an automated workflow system to manage this process.

6: Develop your staff into brand advocates

No matter how much effort you invest into improving your touchpoints, your trainers are the ultimate assets for boosting your RTO’s brand preference. Their relationship with students is more valuable than any website or EDM, and their interactions are the key to improving retention rates. The impact they have on your students can determine whether your current students will convey positive messages about your institution to the outside world, impacting your brand’s reputation.

7. Make sure you actually offer a great experience

Through surveys and analysis of student experience, you can determine whether you are actually doing what your branding says you do.

“This is the foundation of buzz. In order to get people talking about your product or service, you must provide a great experience.” Emanuel Rosen

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