3 resolutions marketers must keep to thrive in 2018

As I watched the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, I reflected on where I think we, as marketers, dropped the ball in 2017, and what we could do to improve in the new year. And my mind kept coming back to customer data — namely, how we use it, control it and share it to inspire smarter customer engagement strategies and stimulate business growth. Here are three resolutions I think all marketers should strive to keep in 2018: 1. Put your customers first — really A lot of you may believe you put your customers first. But if you’re working with siloed data sets that you don’t own and control, you’re actually putting some business requirements first. Far too often, marketers give up control of their customer data to a vendor and hope for the best. But when vendors don’t — or can’t or won’t — return data to a brand’s internal systems, the brand can’t close the loop on attribution, let alone gain visibility into what customers need now and may desire tomorrow. To really understand your customers, all of your data must be persistent and centralized into one location that the entire organization can access to drive better business outcomes. Customer service issues, email glitches, defective products, website functionality — these are all vital pieces of information that should inform the next logical step in a brand-customer relationship. Beyond technological considerations, implementing true customer-centricity also requires a total buy-in across the enterprise — a steadfast commitment […]

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