3 ‘Real’ Growth Hacks You Can Use Right Now

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HACK #3: Get Almost Anyone’s Personal Email Address

This one is a pretty easy one, but super powerful.

Firstly, why would you want someones personal email address?

  1. Cold email
  2. Facebook custom audiences
  3. You’re a psychopath/stalker

As long as you’re not #3, let’s continue.

There’s a service called Dux Soup

It’s a Chrome Extension, and it will give you the personal email address of anyone (while you’re on their linkedin page). I get about a 70% match rate.

They give you credits for trading in the emails of your LinkedIn contacts, so as long as you’re willing to backstab your network you’re sorted.

If you didn’t realise this yet, you can easily fetch the personal email of any LinkedIn contact by:

  1. Go to LinkedIn
  2. Go to Me > Account > Settings & Privacy
  3. Download Archive like so:

^ That file will have the email address of every LinkedIn connection you have. Most people will connect with you, but don’t really read email, so this is great for manually doing some outreach (without bothering to use Dux Soup)

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