3 Fresh Perspectives: Sales And Marketing Alignment In The Digital Era

3 Fresh Perspectives: Sales And Marketing Alignment In The Digital Era

Digital marketing has quickly become ubiquitous enough that you can drop the adjective and just call it “marketing.”

That said, the scope and definitions of marketing are also changing. This makes the perennial issue of sales and marketing alignment all the more challenging.

Or does it make it easier? Or does it make the question irrelevant?

I caught up recently with several experienced CMOs, founders, and business leaders to get some fresh perspective on the age-old issue. Digital Marketing is a Game Changer “Digital marketing has done more to align sales and marketing teams than perhaps any other industry change,” said Jeff Hilimire , CEO of Dragon Army and cofounder of 48in48 , a charitable hackathon. “Digital marketing efforts to attract and convert customers, such as digital ads, electronic whitepapers, and email campaigns, can be tracked at every customer touch point until the lead is handed to the sales team. This allows for ultimate accountability and creates more trust between these two teams.”

Furthermore, the transparency around data and analytics can create a more collaborative working environment. “When everyone is on the same page, it becomes much easier to build trust and partnership,” he concluded. Advice you can use: Utilize the power of your marketing technology stack to build a common vision and set of actionable metrics across functional lines.