10 reasons why you need a 360 degree Content Marketing Audit

Increase leads and sales by using our full range of recommended tools and techniques to audit your content marketing effectiveness Many content audits are limited by just reviewing SEO or making an inventory of existing content. These are both important, but to improve your content to make it more valuable to your business AND your audience, we recommend a complete 360-degree content audit [link] covering all aspects of content effectiveness. Our content audit is different since it helps you get more value from your content by improving each of these crucial elements of content effectiveness: SEO – increase rankings and technical quality of content for SEO Content coverage – a traditional inventory of types of content to identify new content needed Impact of content on leads and sales by integrating Google Analytics data and reviewing UX to make improvements to calls-to-action Content mapping to personas through the customer journey Audience opinions and feedback on content Quality of content for language, e.g. spelling, readability, and clarity Social media, media interactions and sharing Complete our Quick Win on how to successfully do a 360 degree content marketing audit . What’s the benefit of a 360-degree content audit? If you’re asked these questions or you are defining what YOU need to get out of a content audit, then think about the improvements you’re looking to make across the funnel. Here are some of the many practical benefits of a content audit grouped by different parts of the marketing funnel of the Smart […]

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